Easter Egg Tree

It’s me again (Natalie)…


One of our activities for our Easter Countdown was to “egg” the tree in our front yard.


I have seen people tie eggs to their tree, but Emily came up with the great idea to attach an egg to each end of a piece of ribbon. That way, you don’t spend hours tying and untying eggs.

My ribbons were about 6 inches long, so in the end, I used A LOT of ribbon! You could also use yarn or string.

I just hot glued them on.


Then you just string the eggs onto your tree. Once Easter is over, you can remove them and use them again next year!

Much easier than tying them all on the branches.

It really helps our {pretty much dead} tree look more festive!

And, if your kids will help you, that would be nice too. My kids did this the whole time:

Every once in a while, Benson would look over and say “good job, Mom!”, but other than that…. it was pretty much the little red hen syndrome again.


Here’s Emily’s tree in Connecticut!

She used yarn, and said it worked just great.


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