Getting Ready For Easter Day

It’s Nat…

I know we’ve already done an Easter Countdown activity for today, but I won’t be posting one on Saturday since we have 2 family parties that day. So, you get an extra “eggtivity” for today. Enjoy!



So… Today I am watching my 3 month old nephew, who happens to be SUPER cute!!!! But, with 3 kids 3 and under, we didn’t attempt any crazy projects today.


Our countdown egg told us to get ready for Easter, so that’s what we did!


Since Molly was only 3 months old last Easter, this will be the first year she’ll really participate in Easter. So we got her an Easter bucket.



The bucket was a little plain for my taste, so I used my Cricut to cut her name and some little flowers out of white vinyl. Then I just stuck them on the bucket!

Made it much cuter, don’t you think?



Benson didn’t get a bucket. He had a sports basket already, and didn’t want a “girl bucket”. He’s happy with his basket, so I’m happy with his basket.


Once we had the kids baskets and buckets ready, we did a little “practice” Easter Egg Hunt.

We had to “practice”, because when Benson had his first Easter Egg Hunt, he had NO idea what to do when they said “GO!”, so he just stood there. By the time we could coax him to pick something up and put it in his basket, pretty much all of the eggs were gone. So, in order to help Molly succeed this year, we had to practice.


We actually used our countdown eggs and hid them around the living room. That way, I knew how many we were hiding, and I would know if we were missing one.



On a side note:

Benson is 3 1/2, so he’s done the Easter Egg Hunt thing a few times now. But when I told him we were going to go on a Easter Egg Hunt, his reply was this: “I better bring my rifle and my hunting hat. Maybe if we see the Easter Bunny, I’ll shoot him and make him into Jerky. Yum!”

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