Easter Egg Countdown

Last year, Eighteen25 had a really cute idea for an Easter countdown using regular old egg cartons.

This year, I totally wanted to copy her idea. But, this morning, I realized that Easter is only 12 days away, which means I needed to make my Easter countdown TODAY!!!! So, I’m sorry for the late notice, but, if you want to do this, you need to do it TODAY!

And, of course, I didn’t have any dozen-egg cartons like they used at Eighteen25, and I wasn’t in the mood to battle the grocery store, so I used what I could find.


Here are my variations of the Easter Egg Countdown:


This countdown was made using an egg container that came with my fridge.


This countdown was made using an Easter Egg Jello mold.


My sister, Emily, made this countdown using a regular old egg carton. She planned ahead and used an 18-egg carton.


Like most of my “crafts”, you could totally figure this one out without my help. But, I’m going to show you how to make these anyway!


Just take 12 eggs and use a sharpie to write your numbers on them. Since my son is learning to read, I wrote the number on one side and then spelled out the number on the other side.


Then just write 12 things you want to do or make during your countdown. (see my list at the end of the post for some ideas.)


And stick your papers inside your eggs.

Here’s a hint: My sister, Emily, doesn’t stuff her eggs until right before her kids open them, that way, she can decide what everyone’s up for that day.

Or, if you want to stuff them in advance, make sure you look at the calendar, so you know what types of things to do on what days.

Then, just put your eggs inside your countdown container. If your using an egg carton, you could leave it plain or paint it to make it prettier!

Here is my Jello mold that I used for one of the countdowns. I got it on clearance one year after Easter. 


Here’s my plastic egg carton before

I cut some strips of paper and mod podged them to the inside of my egg container. If you didn’t want it to be permanent, you could just stick it on with some tape.


Then, my helper and I stuffed some grass in it.


I also Podged (I feel so cool!) some paper I’d written “Easter Countdown” onto the lid.

Stick your numbered eggs inside, and there you have it!


My 6 year old niece, Lila, had a BRILLIANT idea that once you’ve opened the egg, turn them upside down, so you’ll always know what day your on!



If you want to open an egg a day until Easter, then start opening your eggs TODAY, the 12th.

If you want to open an egg a day and have the last one be ON Easter, then you’ll start opening your eggs on Wednesday, the 13th.



Here’s a list of some of the things we have in our countdown:

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Color Easter Eggs

“Egg” someone

Watch an Easter Movie (HERE‘s a good one)

Make an Easter treat

Decorate for Easter

Make an Easter Egg Tree

Plant some seeds

Color a picture (does your grocery store do coloring contests?)

Fill up Eggs for the “egging”

Make an Easter card for someone

Go to the park

Make Play Doh

Make Rice Krispie Treat “nests”

Have a friend over

Put a clue inside the egg for the kids to find a prize hidden somewhere around the house



Check back everyday to see what fun things we’re doing (& things Emily’s family is doing) to get excited for Easter.



  1. hi natalie!! i love them!! i like how you used things you have around your home to make them! now i must confess… i didn’t realize easter was so close! i better get busy!
    jen 🙂

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