Outdoor Dining Table Building Plans

This farmhouse style outdoor table and bench are big! At 9 1/2 feet, you can fit about 8-10 people around this table, and it is STURDY! This is a table that is built to withstand the elements, and last for years to come.

outdoor farmhouse table

I always knew I wanted a big, beautiful wooden table in my backyard. I love the thought of family and friends gathered around a beautiful table, laughing and talking until the wee hours of the night.

outdoor farmhouse table

Outdoor Table Building Plans

So, I decided to build exactly that table! And I am excited to offer the building plans to you completely free! This build is pretty straight forward, using basic tools like a miter saw and Kreg pocket hole jig

Find the free building plans here:

In my photos, I paired the bench with some metal chairs, but the plans include instructions for building the bench as well.

The Best Lumber for outdoor tables

I designed this table to be a farmhouse style table that is not only really cute, but also super sturdy. Because the table will be outside, it is made of redwood. Redwood is a good species to use for outdoor furniture because it withstands the elements of being outdoors better than standard pine. Redwood is also really strong, so this table will be sure to last for years to come.

How many people can you fit around the outdoor table?

This farmhouse style outdoor table is about 9 1/2 feet long, so it will fit 10 chairs (4 on each side, and 2 on the ends). That is enough room for plenty of friends and family to enjoy being all together at the same table! You can even fit more people if you use benches rather than chairs.

Find the free building plan here:

This post was sponsored by Kreg. But all opinions, plans, photos, and ideas are my own. I only post about companies I stand behind and products I actually use. And I love my Kreg pocket hole jig, and use it all of the time!


  1. Gorgeous table! I can’t see the dimensions though. How tall is it? The black metal chairs look too low?

  2. Hello! I love the design of this table and I am going to attempt to make in within the next week. Was wondering if it was possible to get the bench plan PDF with pictures? The kreg link has the plans but the pics do not show up 🙁 . Even still, I am going to try to make both, wish me luck and thank you for this awesome design!

    1. To get the PDF with pictures from Kreg, choose print instead of download – then print to PDF 😉

  3. Just made this table…great plans! Trying to decide what product to finish it with. Any suggestions?

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