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Work With the Creative Mom

The Creative Mom is a place for easy DIY tutorials and free furniture building plans. I pride myself in keeping updated with fresh new content that is relevant in the DIY and home improvement space.

My ultimate goal and hope, is that this website will reach out and inspire busy families and mothers like me. I want people to see that working together as a family is rewarding!

I find working with other content creators and brands extremely satisfying. It brings fresh new products and ideas, not only for myself, but for my readers.

Sponsorships and Advertising

I often work with brands that I love and support. If you are a brand looking to work with me, please feel free to reach out to me via email Nat@thecreativemom.com

You can learn more about me by checking out my professional bio, or download my media kit here: The-Creative-Mom-Media-Kit-march-2017.pdf

Guest Posts

Because my readership values my authentic voice, I do not accept guest posts, nor do I offer to guest post on another blog.


I enjoy sharing brands and products that I actually use and love. My readers trust me and value my opinion, so you know that anything I share is because I truly stand behind that company and product. If you would like to inquire about affiliate marketing, please contact me via email Nat@thecreativemom.com

Natalie Dalpias- Professional Bio

My ultimate goal and hope, is that this website will reach out and inspire busy families and mothers like me. I hope that when that a woman reads my blog, she will feel empowered to try something she has been wanting to do, and to have confidence to know that SHE can do it! I want her to know that she is more capable than she thinks. I am a firm believer that no matter the project, with the right tools, good instructions, and a little bravery, YOU can do anything. 

I have been featured by many publications, including online and in print.

  • Ana White
  • Kreg
  • The Home Depot
  • Decor Hacks
  • All Parenting Magazine
  • Family Share
  • Mod Podge Rocks
  • Sugardoodle
  • Six Sisters Stuff

My expertise in DIY and home improvement has led me to contribute to several websites.

  • The Home Depot
  • Build Something by Kreg
  • Carghill
  • Make it and Love it
  • Eighteen 25
  • iBlog Magazine
  • Rhodes Bake-n-Serve
  • Ikea

Along with The Creative Mom blog, I teach a yearly DIY and craft class to women in my community. I have spoken to many audiences in conferences and in classes.

  • Host of The Creative Mom craft & DIY class
  • Regular appearances on Studio 5 TV show
  • Teacher at Pinners Conference- several years and several locations
  • Speaker at Build your Blog Conference
  • Presenter at Snap Conference
  • Speaker to the Hooper Women’s Club
  • Speaker at Confetti Night Women’s Conference
  • Presenter at AFCU Management Seminar Presenter
  • Snap Conference- 4 years, attendee and speaker
  • Build Your Blog Conference- 4 years, attendee and speaker
  • Haven Conference- 2 years
  • MediaVine Conference-1 year
  • Member of Northern Utah Blogger Masterminds Group

I have been blogging since 2007. I was among the first bloggers, as the blogging industry was born. I’ve watched social media begin, and been involved in the influencing industry, as it changed and evolved into what it is today. I am up to date on all the current trends and know how the industry works.

My blog is very DIY focussed. Most of my experience comes “on the job”, as I was raised in a DIY centric family. My husband, Casey, and I are passionate about raising independent children who know how to work, how to care for and improve their home, and how to tackle easy DIY projects.

I have a strong presence in social media, where I share my easy DIY tutorials and furniture building plans. You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.