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Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Building Plans

My chicken coop plans are one of my most popular posts. I am excited to share them with you!

This chicken coop is SUUUPER cute, and also really functional and easy to clean.


Purchase of the Chicken Coop Building Plans include:

  • 33 page building plans
  • Step by step instructions
  • Cut list
  • Supply list
  • Tool list
  • Diagrams and Illustrations of each step
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Some of the awesome features on the chicken coop plans include:

PLEASE NOTE: After offering over 300,000 free downloads of this plan over the span of 5 years, I have started charging $24.99 for the plan download. I hope that my readers will understand that while I strive to offer a lot of free content- and good quality content at that- I also have children to feed and bills to pay. I felt that this was more than a fair price to charge for such extensive building plans.

  • Drop down side for easy cleaning
  • 32 square feet- enough room for 12 chickens
  • Ventilation to keep air-flow and prevent overheating in the Summer
  • Nesting box with an open top for easy access to eggs
  • Basket hook to simplify gathering eggs
  • Easy access for chickens with ramp

Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below, before building the coop. As it will answer many of your questions.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this chicken coop:

How much does it cost to build a chicken coop?

Since building material prices vary by location, this could cost more or less to build where you live. For me, it cost about $500 to build. You could save money by using scraps, using less expensive paint, or less expensive roofing materials. But I built this to last, so I used the best of everything.

How do you ventilate a chicken coop?

This coop has ventilation space under the eaves, and the door is always open. The air flow is just fine with this much ventilation. 

Does the chicken coop get too hot or cold?

We have the coop in the shade, so in the hot Summer months, it keeps cool. During the winter, we keep a heat lamp inside for heat and light. It seems to work fine.

Where do the chickens roost in the chicken coop?

We have added some roosting bars inside our coop, as well as out in the chicken run. The chickens also seem to like to roost on the rafter beams.

Where do you put food and water in the chicken coop?

Our food and water is outside in the chicken run. We use this food holder, and this cool water holder. We have also use a water heater and a basic water dish so it doesn’t freeze in the winter.

How do you keep the chicken coop clean?

We fold the side of the coop down and scoop out all of the mess inside. Once it’s clean, we place wood shavings in the nesting box. I’ve also seen these inserts you can use in the nesting box, which look interesting, though we’ve never tried them. If you are worried about the OSB flooring getting spoiled, you could line the OSB flooring with a vinyl flooring, or seal with waterproofing paint. We have had this coop for almost 4 years, and haven’t had any problems with just using the OSB flooring.

What are Fence Brackets?

Most hardware stores carry them, including Home Depot (for 67 cents). You can also find them here on Amazon, though they aren’t quite as cheap.

How to keep predators out of the chicken coop

We have completely fenced in our chicken coop, including some space for outside for the chicken run. We keep the food and water inside the fenced areas. This seems to help with predators. You could also install a door on the coop, where the chickens get in and out. Several people who have built this coop have done this and it seems to work well.

How many chickens does this chicken coop hold?

This coop should hold about 12 chickens.

Reader Builds

So many of you are building this chicken coop! I can’t tell you how happy that makes my heart. When I designed this coop, I knew it would work for our little family, and I’m so glad it’s worked for so many of you guys too! I love to see pictures of your final product! If you build this coop, I would love to see photos- please email them to me:

And I love this coop, which looks very similar to mine, but he added a door to keep the “bad guys” out at night. Awesome build by Brian. He also shared a youtube tour of the chicken coop, which you can see here.

Here’s another red coop, similar to mine, but I love the enclosed chicken run. This is built by Anthony. It looks nice and neat. Perfect for a little flock. Thanks for sharing, Anthony.
farmhouse chicken coop

This cute blue coop was built by Mark. I love that he let his kids paint a rainbow on the nesting box. He added a few vent windows, and a see-through roof. Great ideas! The windows and transparent roofing would definitely help with the question some of you had about getting more lighting. Awesome build, Mark.

This is a DOUBLE long coop, built by Micah. He is hoping to have 18 chickens or more, so he built the coop 16 feet long instead of 8 feet. He also added a second laying box, which will be helpful with the extra hens. He said the hardest part was moving the chicken coop outside!

Micah also added power, which is really cool. It will be helpful to plug in a heat lamp during the winter. Great build, Micah!

This lovely coop was built by Bernard. I love the rustic barnwood look of this coop. If I ever build a coop again, I think I might replicate the beautiful wood Bernard used here.

Here’s another coop built by Trevor. I love the little door he added where the ramp goes up into the coop.  And that enclosed chicken run is very nice. I’m sure his hens are very happy there. Thanks for sharing your photos, Trevor.
diy chicken coop

Here’s a cute little coop by Gabriel. She made her coop half as big because she only needed it to fit 5 chickens- great idea! I love the smaller size! 
diy chicken coop

Here’s a very patriotic build from Earl and Shelley. Definitely one of the most unique builds I’ve seen of this coop! Earl used free pallets and reclaimed fence materials from a local fence company. Earl spent 23 years in the US Navy, and he added some fun elements like those ropes, inspired by his service. Wonderful build, Earl & Shelley!
diy chicken coop

This cute coop was built by Kris in Belgium. I can’t believe my humble chicken coop plans made it all the way from Utah to Belgium! I wish I could see this in person! It turned out great. Thanks for sharing, Kris.
diy chicken coop

I love the way Kris added extra roosting bars inside the coop. The hens will love that!
Geoff built this half-sized coop and it turned out great! Look how cute his little girl (and pup) are!!!
Geoff also fenced in a chicken run. Great idea!
diy chicken coop

Here’s a nice build by Cindy from South Dakota. I like how she split the side into two pieces, so she can open half at a time instead of the whole side. Very nice build!
diy chicken coop

Here’s another darling coop built by Andrew. He split the side into two doors, for easier cleaning. He said he can pull the chicken run up to the coop if he wants. Such a great build. Thanks for sharing, Andrew.
Cute Chicken Coop

This Darling red coop is from Nicole. She built this coop and added a fenced in chicken run. Great idea! Look how cute she is collecting eggs with her darling apron and sweet son. Thanks for sharing, Nicole.
Cute Chicken Coop
Cute Chicken Coop

This darling yellow coop is from Gary. He built this as a gift for his daughter. What a nice dad! I am absolutely in love with the color! Well done, Gary. Thank you for sharing!
Cute Chicken Coop
This coop was build by Kenneth. I like the use of gate hinges instead of the piano hinge. Well done!!
This coop was built by Jason. He added laying boxes to the entire side of the coop, to offer more space for the hens to lay. great idea!!
This cute little red coop was built by Ken. He only has 4 chickens, so he made his coop half the size of the coop in the plans. I think it turned out so cute!
This darling chicken coop was built by Matthew. I love the green color! And those hens seem so happy! Great build.
Robert built this adorable chicken coop. I love the enclosed chicken run, which will be great in really hot or really cold climates. Great build!

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cute chicken coop

If you used this tutorial in your own home, I would love to see photos and share them here on my blog! Please email completed photos to

I would also love if you would share this project, or save it to your Pinterest board for later! You can hover your mouse over the image above and click the “save” button, or share this on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

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Monday 12th of April 2021

Hi Natalie,

I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful when I had a problem finding the plans I purchased (user error on my part). You responded immediately and helped me resolve the issue. I really appreciate your help and kindness!


Thursday 18th of March 2021

Natalie, I bought your coop but never got the plans! How do I download? I sent you an e-mail and you didn't respond. Please help me. You have my money already

Natalie Dalpias

Friday 19th of March 2021

Hi Heather, I'm so sorry for any confusion. You should have received a download link in your email upon purchase. I have responded to the email, and sent those plans over. I appreciate your purchase and wish you the best of luck on your build! Natalie


Friday 5th of March 2021

Haven’t receive plans on chicken coop I payed for through pay pal about month ago.

Natalie Dalpias

Saturday 6th of March 2021

Hi Fred, I'm so sorry for the confusion. There should have been a download link sent to you. If you'll check your junk and spam folders, it may be in there. But you can always email me directly with any concerns. Thanks! Natalie

Les Roeber

Monday 18th of January 2021

There are lots of good comments on tips and tricks to making sure that the coop ends up being just what you want it to be. I guess that I'm a little late to the game and not part of the first couple of hundred thousand folks to download the plans, so I placed an order for the plans to be emailed to me. Now, I am trying to figure out how long it will take to get a pdf sent to me by email.

Natalie Dalpias

Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Hi Les,

Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. The link to download is in that confirmation email.

Best of luck! Natalie

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