How to Frame a TV

This is a great tutorial for how to frame a TV. I’m excited to share it with you today.

how to frame a tv

We were really happy because this fun transformation makes my TV feel more like a decoration than an eyesore in my living room. It only took a couple of hours from start to finish and it makes the biggest difference in the look of this room.

DIY TV frame

Why we built this frame the way we did:

1. We didn’t want to remove the TV from the wall; so instead we came up with this idea of building the frame around the TV.

2. We didn’t want to impede the functionality of the TV at all. Our concern with building the frame up against the TV was dealing with buttons, speakers, wires, air vents, etc. With the design we used, we didn’t have to worry about any of that.

3. We wanted a big chunky frame without the weight of the frame. This is really only a few pieces of lumber nailed to the wall, and we liked that about this design. We didn’t want to have a huge old frame balancing on our TV or being bolted to the wall.

Supplies Needed:

(These supplies are for our 55″ TV. Your measurements may differ.)
2- 8 foot 1×6 boards
2- 8 foot 1×2 boards (we like to use select pine boards)
2 inch brad nails
Wood Glue
Stain (this is my favorite stain ever!)

Tools Needed:

Miter Saw
Brad Nailer (this is my favorite tool!)
Stud Finder
Safety Gear

Video showing how to frame a TV

How to frame a TV

  1. Measure TV

    Measure the width and length of your TV.

  2. Decide frame size

    You’ll want to figure out what size of frame you want around your TV. You can do whatever size you want. We decided we wanted our overhang 3 3/4″ on each side of the TV, so we added 7 1/2″ to the measurement of the TV.

    For example, our TV was 31″ high, so we added 7 1/2″ to that measurement and got 38 1/2″. This is what the measurement on the LONG side of our boards were. You’ll do the same for the length.

  3. Prepare Lumber

    For our frame, we used 1×6’s with 1×2’s as a frame. So before we made any cuts, we used wood glue and brad nails to attach the 1×2’s to the 1×6’s. We attach the frame pieces before cutting so we know that our mitered edges are flush and straight. mitered corners

  4. Cut Lumber

    Using the measurements we figured from step 2, cut the lumber to size using 45 degree mitered cuts on the corners. Remember, your measurements are for the LONG edge of the 45 degree boards.miter saw lumber

  5. Dry Fit

    Before you attach your frame, make sure everything fits together frame

  6. Stain wood

    Once your pieces are cut and ready to install, you’ll want to get everything stained. I used Minwax Special Walnut for my stain.stain wood

  7. Measure the Center of boards and TV

    Measure the center of the TOP of your TV and make a little mark. Then measure the center of the board that will be on the top and make a little mark. Also mark the board at 3 3/4″ from the outside edge, so you know where the edge of your TV should line up with your board.

  8. Attach top board

    Slide the top board down behind your TV, matching the center mark on your board and your TV. Then, when your 3 3/4″ mark is on the edge of the TV, secure ONE side with a 2 inch brad nail.

    Then, checking for level, brad nail the other side of your frame. Secure the frame with two or three brad nails in each stud.
    TV frame

  9. Attach side boards

    Next, using a square, attach your side boards. If your top board was lined up on center with your TV, these boards should be in the correct places.
    TV frame

  10. Check for square

    You’ll want to make sure your mitered corners are tight and fit together nicely. Then secure the top of your side board with a 2″ brad nail. Do not nail the bottom of your side boards yet. We’ll want to put our bottom board in, line up the mitered corners, and check for square before really securing the boards all the way. brad nailer

  11. Attach Bottom Board

    Line up your bottom board with your sides, check for square, and align the mitered edges. Then attach to the studs with 2″ brad nails.check for square

  12. Secure frame to wall

    After the boards are square and even, you’ll want to go back and make sure to secure the frame to studs with 2″ brad nails.Framed tv

  13. Secure corners of frame

    Since my vertical side boards didn’t happen to line up with the studs in my walls, I also shot a few brad nails in so the corners of the boards were secure to each other. tv frame

This is really such a quick and easy project. The hardest part is the MATH!! Haha! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would LOVE it if you would save it to your Pinterest board for later! You can hover your mouse over any image on this page and click the “save” button, or share this on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter

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