Chicken Coop Building Plan


The purchase of this item includes a printable, digital download of the complete chicken coop building plans- a 33 page PDF with cut list, supply list, step by step instructions, and photos. The plans will be emailed to you upon purchase.

This is a large chicken coop, designed to house 12-18 chickens. It has a footprint of 96″ x 48″, and stands about 6 feet tall at the peak. It has a convenient drop down side, so it can be easily cleaned. 

Recommended tools include: Miter Saw, Impact Driver, Staple Gun or Brad Nailer, Reciprocating Saw or Jig Saw, Circular Saw or Table Saw (to cut your plywood), Measuring tape, pencil, eye & ear protection, Wood Glue


The complete chicken coop plans will be sent as a downloadable PDF to your email upon purchase.

11 reviews for Chicken Coop Building Plan

  1. Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

    Hi Melissa, it should have been automatically sent to your email upon purchase. I will resend anyway. Thanks for your purchase! Natalie

  2. Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

    Hi! You should have received a confirmation email with the download link. If you didn’t receive it, please email me. Nat @

  3. Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

    You should receive the plans in your email immediately. Please email me if you have not received them. Nat @

  4. Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

    Hi Melissa,

    Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link. If you haven’t received that email, please make sure to check junk and spam folders- at the email address you used for paypal. If you still haven’t received it, email me and I’ll resend.

    Thanks! And good luck on your build.


  5. Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

    Hi Cam, if you will email me-, I can get the plans sent to you.


  6. Emily Foster

    Can you tell me how many nesting boxes are in this coop? If I wanted to add an extra, could I just make the nesting box go from edge to edge. The chickens will be free range and only in the coop at night.

    • Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

      Hi Emily,

      This plan has just one nesting box, but you could always alter it to fit your needs better. Good luck!

  7. Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

    Hi Les, I’m so sorry for your frustration. You should have received a confirmation email upon purchase which will include the download link. I have responded to you via email.


  8. Lynn Diringer

    Hi there,

    Love your coop. Wondering if there is an interior lip… I would like to use the deep bedding method…

    • Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

      Hi Lynn,

      Yes, you should be able to use the deep bedding method with this coop.


  9. John Schick

    Hey Natalie–
    I bought your coop plans and am near finishing. I’m curious why you didn’t put the lower roof panels on and bevel the ends on the top walls 30 degrees and set them on the roof to help water run off, rather than in the coop. Is there a reason that I’m not thinking of? Thanks!

    John Schick
    Louisa, VA

    • Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

      Hi John,

      It was just a preference in how I built it. But I think this way could definitely work as well.


  10. Arus

    Hi. Can I please ask if this coop is suitable for places with cold (up to -10) winters? Thank you.

    • Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

      Hi Arus,

      I live in Northern Utah, and we often get down to single digit temperatures. I place a heat lamp inside my coop, and I don’t have any problems.


  11. Colton Davis

    How much does this cost to make?

    • Natalie Dalpias (verified owner)

      Hi Colton,

      Price depends on location and lumber costs. My best estimate is about $500-$700.

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