How to use a Freezer Paper Stencil

freezer paper stencil

If you haven’t heard my exciting (and super anxiety-causing) news yet, I just had my 4th baby. Yes, that is FOUR!!! Things are getting a little crazy around here! With every baby I’ve had, I have bought big brother and sister shirts, which are super cute, and get worn exactly ONE time. So instead of spending a small fortune bying shirts, I decided to whip up a few of these SUPER easy shirts. I used my… Continue reading

Happy Baby Wrap Review (and giveaway!)

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!), you know I just had a baby. Baby number 4 (holy cow, people!!!!) We are all so thrilled and excited to have him here. He is a dream baby, and we are all in love! But I’m starting to realize 4 kids isn’t as easy as it sounds (and it doesn’t really sound very easy). So I’ve been looking for ways to simplify my life and… Continue reading

S’mores Popcorn Recipe

S'mores Popcorn Recipe

I am in love with S’mores (so much that I’ve tried making S’mores cereal mix, and S’mores Pizza)! There is nothing like sitting around a campfire sharing an ooey gooey s’more with the people you love most. I can’t decide if I love the treat more, or just spending time with our family more. But not every night can be spent by the campfire. One of my family’s favorite thing to do is… Continue reading

How to Make Bread with a Blender

 I recently got a new Blendtec Blender, and my eyes have been opened to a new world full of blender possibilities. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of it before, but I have been able to make some pretty amazing things with my Blendtec. I’ve used it to make smoothies, of course! But I’ve also used it to make soup, ice cream, pancake batter, Copycate Chick-Fil-A Frosted Lemonade (hello, delicious!), and the coolest… Continue reading

Using Plants to Decorate Indoors

 It is amazing what a little greenery can do for your home. Not only do house plants help freshen the air, but they can also freshen your mood! I love how a simple potted plant can really perk up a space and make it feel more lively, fresh, and clean! I won’t lie, though. I don’t have a really green thumb. Honestly, I’m surprised my children survive under my care… And I’m guessing some of… Continue reading

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