DIY Pallet Art


One of my most popular projects of all times is this pallet art of a deer bust. It stays up in my house all year round, but I stick on a glittery red dot for his nose and during December, and my deer turns into Rudolph. So awesome!

I love him so much (and so does everyone else) that I decided I wanted to do the same type of project, but make a… Continue reading

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe


I live in Utah and during the winter, it gets SO cold and dry here. Let’s just say that the harsh winters leave my hands (and everywhere else) feeling not so awesome. I love using sugar scrubs for my hands, or to scrub on my legs in the tub. But sugar scrubs can be pretty expensive, and I love being able to blend my own scents, and know what ingredients are going into my… Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas Books for Kids

 Every year I try to do something for the 12 days of Christmas for my kids. I’ve done candy or toys before, but trust me when I say we do not need more candy or toys around here. So I opted to do 12 days of Christmas Books for kids because books are such a great thing for little minds. I cannot wait for them to open each one, as we prepare for Christmas, and… Continue reading

Christmas Card Templates (free download)


Every year I tell myself this is the year I’m not going to do Christmas cards anymore. But it never fails that every year I still end up sending out Christmas Cards… you can download my free christmas card templates from last year here. There is just something about Christmas cards that is so special. There’s nothing like getting holiday cards in the mail from the people you love. This year, I wanted to… Continue reading

Fitness Ridge Resort Review

 Last month, I spent a week at Fitness Ridge, a fitness resort in Southern Utah.

Since I’ve been home, people have been asking me how my experience was at Fitness Ridge. I’m going to sum it up with one word, AMAZING!!! And yes, I will probably over use that word in this post. But I had the time of my life- it was tough, I’m not going to lie. But it was also exactly… Continue reading


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