7 reasons to take your toddler to Disneyland!

 Earlier this year we took our family to Disneyland. My in-laws came along, and we all had a great time! Our kids were 7, 5, and 2, and let me tell you, I spent a LOT of extra stress worrying about how my 2 year old would do on the trip. But, I really didn’t need to worry, because everything went SO well, and we had the time of our lives! In fact, I… Continue reading

“Silent Notes Taking” Book Review

Every once in a while I like to read a good book. I’ve found that I love reading on my phone (with my kindle app), and I like reading books I can get through in a few days, instead of spending weeks and weeks reading the same book. So I was happy when I came across this book.

Silent Notes Taking, by Greg W Haws is a thoughtfully written narrative woven with mystery and… Continue reading

Taco Bundles {Recipe}

Every Tuesday, my son asks for TACO TUESDAY. I blame the Lego Movie… So every Tuesday, we have the same old tacos, which can get really boring. So I decided to mix it up by making mini tacos, which were way fun! And these taco bundles were also a huge hit with my family. We just topped them with all of our favorite taco fixin’s, and we had a quick and easy meal that… Continue reading

Hello Baby GIVEAWAY (worth over $415)

I am so excited to announce that I am expecting a new little bundle of joy in July (if you follow me on instagram, you might have already suspected the news!). I only have about 12 weeks left, and we are all starting to get really excited (and anxious) to meet our new little guy. So today I want to share with you some of my very favorite products for a new baby, and… Continue reading

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Lemonade Recipe

 One of my most favorite restaurants ever is Chick-Fil-A. Not only is their chicken SUPER delicous, their staff is extra kind and helpful, their tables are always clean, and their play place is my kids’ favorite… where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Their lemonade! Every time I go, I have to order a big glass of Lemonade, and have it “refreshed” once or twice during lunch. I just love it so much! I’m… Continue reading

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