4×4 pumpkins

Every year, when it starts to get to be Autumn, the ladies in my church get together for a little craft and treat night. Remember that amazing 3 ingredientPumpkin Pie Cake? I got the recipe from one of these fun craft nights.

This time of year is perfect for craft nights, and these cute 4×4 pumpkins are perfect for your girl’s night.

 I didn’t get any pictures of the process, but it’s pretty simple.


chisel and hammer
Sand Paper
Grape Vine
Tree Branch


1. Cut a 4×4 peice of wood to length. Mine are about 8 and 10 inches tall. But you could do whatever size you want. (The Home Depot guy will do it for you if you ask.) 

2. Take a hammer and a chisel and rough up the wood.

 3. Paint the wood orange.

4. Sand the wood. Use an electric sander to make big grooves in the wood and scuff up the orange.

5. Use a paper towel and wipe stain onto the wood. Just do a little here and there. Then wipe off.

6. Nail on the Tree Branch

7. Hammer a staple on to hold the grape vine.


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