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Fabric Thanksgiving Banner

Fabric Thanksgiving Banner

If there are two things I love to decorate with, it’s fabric and banners. 

Yes, I’m a fabric hoarder. There a

re so many cute fabrics out there, and you can do so many cute things with them. And banners… ah, banners. They are so festive and fun! They add so much to any decor, and are great to fill a space. So of course, fabric and banners together are a perfect combination!

My sweet Aunt Michele showed me how she used ric-rac to make these cute banners!

I have a happy birthday banner that I LOVE for birthdays, but with this quick and easy tutorial, you can have a cute banner for any holiday!

This Thanksgiving banner looks so perfect on my cafe shelves

Supplies needed:

Pellon fusible interfacing (number 805)
Sewing Machine

 Start by ironing your pellon on to the wrong side of your fabric.

 Then peel the backing off the pellon.

 And iron another piece of fabric on top. Wrong side to the pellon.

Then you should have double-sided fabric.

 Cut a template the size you want your banner pieces, and trace onto your fabric.

Then cut the triangles out with pinking sheers. This will keep your fabric from fraying.

 Then sew your triangles onto the ric-rac. Just run a zig-zag stitch down the length of the ric-rac.

 And you’ve got yourself a banner!

This is a mini one I made for Molly’s room.

 And this is the one my Aunt Michele made for Thanksgiving. That ric-rac is GIANT… and awesome!

 These banners are super cute, no matter where you put them.

 I’m thinking I’m going to make one for Christmas, Valentines, and pretty much every other holiday.


Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

So cute and I love all of the colors and ric rac. Very nice!


Tuesday 5th of November 2013

This is adorable! Such a great project! I love everything ric rac. :)