DIY Cafe Shelves

 One of my most favorite projects I’ve ever done is build these cafe shelves. I don’t have a fireplace in my home, so I’ve always felt a little jipped that I don’t have a mantel to decorate for the seasons. So I made Casey help me, and together, we built these simply beautiful cafe shelves. When I say together, I mean mostly him. And then I messed them up. And he fixed them and hung them.

When I made my Pallet Signs, I showed a little glimpse into my dining room (although I’d say it’s more of a dining area than a dining room)… And I got a lot of  questions about my cafe shelves.


I actually made these shelves a long time ago. I even shared a sneak peak on my instagram account….. 6 months ago! Yes, it’s safe to say I am a slacker.

The problem is that it’s taken me a while to get these decorated and “staged” exactly right. But, alas, I think I finally got it right…. Just in time to switch it up for Halloween and Fall. Hehehe. Isn’t that how it always goes?


 I knew I wanted shelves in this space by my dining table, and so when I saw the cafe shelves from House of Smiths, I totally copied them! The full tutorial is {here} if you want to build your own.

 I love that these shelves LOOK like they are expensive Pottery Barn or Ballard shelves, but they are actually a few pieces of scrap wood with some door casing stuck to it. 

 This garland adds a lot to the look of the shelves. It’s just triangle scraps of paper hot glued onto some baker’s twine.

 I love these green little plants. They are fake, of course, and came from Ikea. 

 I found this boxy mirror at the thrift store and spray painted it white.

 This egg tray was a DIY project I did a while back. See the full tutorial {here}

And those spring kissing balls look great sitting on my pedestal bowls. I simply stacked a few pretty books and stuck them on top.

 All in all, I love how these shelves turned out. And I love how they look above my table. I’m excited to decorate them for all different seasons.


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