Thanksgiving Place Cards {using leftover Halloween candy}

After Halloween, I always have two dilemmas. The first one is that I’m always tempted to skip to Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving just never gets the credit it deserves. The other dilemma is that we always have WAY too much candy at our house after Halloween. Between the our three kids, we have a HUGE tupperware bowl full of candy- not to mention the leftovers from passing out candy.

But, I think I’ve come up with a little solution for both dilemmas. I chose not to skip out on the Thanksgiving crafts and made a these little place cards that uses up some of that candy stash I have laying around.

These cute little monogrammed place cards are adorable, and they really only take a few minutes.

You’ll need:

Cardstock for placecard (I did mine 3×4 inches)
Shapes and letters cut out of cardstock
Mod Podge and a brush
Mini candy bars
Hot Glue

(All my paper and the glitter is from American Crafts- which you can now get at Target. Love American Crafts, love Target. Double love!)

 The first thing you do is decide how you want your place cards laid out. This is where the kids had the most fun. They were able to pick out all they shapes they wanted and design their own place card.

Next, glitter whatever shapes you want. Just brush on some mod podge and sprinkle glitter over top, then shake off the extra glitter onto a paper plate. Once you’re all done glittering, just dump the glitter back into the container. 

 Then glue your paper shapes and letters onto your card. I cut all my cardstock using my electronic cutter (Silhouette), but you could use scissors, or buy them precut at any craft store.




 After you’ve got your cards all decorated and cute, just hot glue a mini candy bar on the back. It will act as a little stand to hold the card up.

And whalla, you’ve got cute little place cards for Thanksgiving. Quick and Easy!

And you got rid of some of that evil Halloween candy.

My kids helped me with this little craft and I absolutely love that they got to decide how they each wanted their own place card to look!


I made one for each member of our family, using the same color scheme and shapes, but they all turned out very different!  

I think these will look adorable on our Thanksgiving table! 

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