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DIY Decorated Dishes {how to}

DIY Decorated Dishes {how to}

With Thanksgiving coming up, a lot of us will be taking food to different dinners, and along with the food goes our dishes! Now, if you’re like me, you usually take food to parties in a disposable dish. But, just because it’s ok to take food on a paper plate covered with aluminum foil to a Summer BBQ doesn’t mean it’s cool to take it like that to Thanksgiving dinner.

Enter the Decorated Dish….

Can I please preface this tutorial by saying that I took these photos with my iPhone *gasp* while at craft night. So, they aren’t picture perfect. I know. I’m a terrible blogger.

But really, this would be a perfect project to do for your girl’s night this month- or anytime actually.

You can decorate your dish with your name, so nobody takes your pretty pan. Or just do a fun design. It’s up to you! My cousin even had the great idea to let her son decorate a plate for grandma. Wouldn’t a little handprint be the cutest thing on one of these?

 {By the way, there is a video tutorial at the end of this post- make sure you watch it!}

You’ll need:

Porcelaine 150 pen (Yes, you need this specific pen for it to be food-safe and permanent, not a sharpie!)
Any oven safe dish
Carbon Paper 


Start by printing out whatever image you’d like to be on your dish. We just found an image online and printed it on regular paper. Or you can type a word too. Any line-drawing is fine.

 Place some carbon paper under your image, on your dish- with the carbon side on your dish. Tape it down.

Trace the image onto the carbon paper. 

Once it’s traced, pull it off and you’ll have an image on your dish.

 Start tracing it with your porcelain markers. Once again, I will stress that you NEED this type of marker- and they aren’t even paying me to say that! I’ve heard of using Sharpie before, but they don’t work! These markers will be permanent and food safe. Other markers will not.


We dotted our lines, just for fun. And because some of us can’t draw straight lines.

If you mess up, just wipe it off with a damp paper towel. It’s not permanent until you bake it.

Let the dishes dry 24 hours after you’ve finished drawing on them. 

Then toss it in the oven and bake according to the directions on your marker. Mine said 300 degrees for 35 minutes.

And you’re done!

I shared this tutorial on my local news lifestyle show. You can watch it here:



Monday 11th of November 2013

Can you get carbon paper and the pen at basic craft stores?