Salsa Recipe for Canning

I love this time of the year. Harvest time! Which also means canning time. For the past few years, we have planted a garden at our house, and I usually end up canning tomatoes and peaches. I’m excited to share my most favorite canned salsa recipe ever.

This Salsa recipe is tried and true. I took a few different recipes I liked and mixed them together and subtracted some things to get the mother of all yumminess in a bottle. Trust me when I say that this is the PERFECT salsa recipe for canning.

Get my salsa recipe for canning here.

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And if you have more produce, try my recipe for canning tomatoes and peaches

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  1. I made this recipe today and it is wonderful. I added two large cans of diced peaches and upped the heat a bit. I use it to make a Mexican shrimp cocktail by adding avocado and several table spoons of catsup.

  2. I like your recipe! I have a question about the skins of the tomato. You said it doesn’t matter if you take them off and I was wondering if the skin changes the taste? I made spaghetti sauce last year and didn’t take the time to remove the skins and the sauce is bitter. The stewed tomatoes that I made with the same tomatoes and removed the skin isn’t bitter at all.

  3. Making thi we speak(or more accurately, as I type) and it is wonderful. My question is how many quarts/pints will it make. ? I guess 6/8 quarts.

  4. Very good… Tweaked it a bit, I am like your hubby and do not like cilantro , replaced it with a bunch of parsley… Wonderful post and thanx for the recipe.

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