Pallet Deer Silhouette (he’s glittery!)

 Have you guys seen these Deer Silhouettes floating around Pinterest?  They aren’t the most ground-breaking idea, but I really wanted one in my house. After all, it’s pretty rare when my husband’s interests and my interests collide. But in the beauty that is the pallet deer silhouette, we are one. He  loves to hunt, and I love to decorate. And while I think deer are beautiful and I really do love them, I don’t particularly want a dead one on my wall. But a glittery, white deer on a pallet? YES SIR!!! I’ll take it! 

And just for Christmas, let’s give him a red nose, shall we?

 Did I mention he is glittery? Oh yes he is.

By the way, this isn’t a real pallet- I cheated, like I did {here}- shhh, don’t tell.

 I was able to try out some of Michael’s Recollections Glitter. And let me tell you, I loved it!

You can purchase Recollections glitter individually or in a set.

 It comes in all different sizes, colors, and textures. It comes in very fine, chunky, or tinsel. Yes, tinsel. My 3 year old, who thinks she is a princess, about died when she saw that bottle of tinsel glitter.

Michaels Recollections glitter is available starting at $3.99 exclusively at Michaels stores, and is perfect for all different types of craft projects. 

Like this beauty here.

  Would you like to make your own glittery deer silhouette? Here’s how:

You can use a pallet if you have it. I did not. I assembled a faux pallet out of cedar fencing boards (see how here).

Cut your deer silhouette out of vinyl, and use the vinyl like a stencil, by sticking the negative space of your vinyl onto your pallet.

 Make sure you slice the vinyl where the boards meet, and be sure to press the edges of the vinyl down, so that the paint doesn’t leak in between your cracks. 

 Then paint the deer silhouette (or let the kids do it for you)

 As soon as you paint, shake a good layer of glitter all over your deer silhouette. You want your paint to be good and wet, so the glitter will stick. Then shake the excess glitter off. I always try to collect as much of the excess as I can, so I can hoard save it.

 Then peel off the vinyl. (Sorry about the bad lighting- we are late night crafters).

 I decided that just for the holidays, I wanted my deer to be festive, so he is going to be wearing a fake red nose. So I cut out a circle of paper and glittered it bright red. Then I just taped it onto my pallet. And as soon as Christmas is over, we’ll take that red nose off, and he’ll be a normal deer again.

And there you have it. A simple Pallet Deer Silhouette.  

 My kids loved this project so much, they asked if they could make mini deer heads on paper to hang in their rooms. I think they just like being able to use the glitter!

Either way, we sure had fun doing this project! And I love how this cute glittery little deer turned out.

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 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. But this project, the photos, opinions, and children, are 100% my own.


  1. Cute! I should’ve read your post before I started this season chalkboard :), oh well. Great minds…lol.. I wish they made glitter chalk..

  2. Oooo. Love it. Been looking for new DIY projects to add to my yearly tradition. Made candy calendars so my nieces could count down to Christmas a few weeks ago. Was starting to crave a different holiday project. Both the paper/glitter and wood/Rudolph are just down my alley. How long do you think it took? Only have the tykes for a limited time. TY

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