Kids Closet Organization Solution

I am so excited to share my son’s bedroom closet overhaul with you!

We have been slowly finishing our basement for over a year, and it has been so great to have extra space for our big family. One of the things we’ve been so excited about was having bedrooms downstairs for our boys, so they didn’t have to share a room anymore.

empty closet

We got everything finished, and ready to move the boys into their rooms, but I couldn’t figure out how to finish their closets! So we sat with empty closets for months!

My main concern was that I don’t know how to build drawers or how to stabilize shelves and clothes rods- let alone make it all work together and look good. Honestly, just coming up with something from scratch seemed really overwhelming. So overwhelming that I literally did nothing.

closet organization

So when I heard about the Closets by Liberty system, I knew it would be a perfect solution to our problem! I could install it myself, which I am excited about, but I didn’t have to design and engineer an entire system from scratch!

The Closets by Liberty system is awesome! You basically install the “bones” of the closet system, which sits on the floor, but is secured to studs in the wall. Then you can move shelves, drawers, and rods wherever you want them.

organized kids closet

I feel like I am able to maximize every single inch of the closet, so I get a lot of organization bang for my buck.

The best part is that you don’t have to stick with one layout for eternity. You can change things around however you want! So if you don’t like the way you had it, you can adjust it again and again.

The photo above and the photo below are using the exact same system, and same components. We just arranged them differently.

kids closet organization

I love this, because this system will be able to change and evolve over the years as my boys grow.

kids closet organization

You can buy the system at The Home Depot, and it comes shipped straight to your house. Our closets were about 6 feet wide, so we got this system.

I could not believe how easy it was to install the system. I followed Liberty’s YouTube video, this helpful article with installation tips, and of course, made sure to follow the paper instructions included in the package.

I am so proud to say that I installed this all entirely by myself!!! It only took me an afternoon, and I didn’t have to use any fancy tools. I’d call that a win!

kids closet organization

Every little thing has it’s own place now, which makes my heart sooo happy! Because every mom knows that the best way to keep things cleaned up, is to make sure that everything has a place to be put away.

kids closet organization

I love that we can have the clothes rods lower right now, while our kids are young, but still have the option to raise them up when they get bigger.

kids closet organization

And, you can always add more components. So if you need extra drawers, shelves, or rods, you can order more components, and they fit right into the same system.

kids closet organization

I really am so please with this system and how quickly and easily it came together. And now that I’ve done one closet in my house, I definitely want to tackle the rest of the closets with the Closets by Liberty system.

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