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DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table (Ikea Hack)

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table (Ikea Hack)

I’m super excited to show you how to build a farmhouse coffee table, this is an ikea hack!

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

I love, love, LOVE the farmhouse look. I love using rustic, charming pieces of furniture in my home.

Like my DIY Farmhouse Bench I built for under $20, or my planter box centerpiece.

So when I needed a coffee table in my living room, I knew I wanted it to be a farmhouse style coffee table, and this time I went a different route than building it all myself.

Ikea Hack Coffee Table

I used the Hemnes coffee table from Ikea and gave it a little facelift. (And it only cost me $10 for the lumber to transform the entire thing!)

I love Ikea’s furniture because it is so simple and sleek (and inexpensive!). I like to use Ikea furniture as the “bones” for my projects.

So I came up with this simple little Ikea Hack to make this DIY Famhouse Coffee Table, which matches my own personal style. And I think it turned out pretty cute!

If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a new coffee table for this project, just use whatever old coffee table you have- the idea for the project is the same.

Just take a regular coffee table and add planks to the top to give it the rustic farmhouse look.

ikea hack planked coffee table


DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table


Step 1: Buy Wood

Start by purchasing your 1×4’s. Measure ahead of time so you know how big you need them. You can cut them at home if you have a saw, or have the Home Depot guy cut them for you (he will be happy to).

I used the Hemnes table, and needed my boards to 48 inches. I was lucky to find my 1×4’s ON SALE in a 4 foot length at my local Home Depot, so I didn’t need to cut them at all.

Make sure when you’re picking out your lumber, you choose the straightest, nicest pieces of wood. You’ll want to make sure they lay flat and aren’t warped at all.

****Please note: Lumber prices vary at different locations, so this may cost more depending on where you live. I was lucky to find my 1×4’s on super sale, so it was inexpensive for me.****

1x4 pine board

Step 2: Finish Boards

Give your boards a nice coat of stain. I used My FAVORITE stain! I pretty much use it on every project. Then once it was dry, I finished it with THIS Wipe-On Poly.

The Polyurethane simply finishes and protects the wood, making it last longer and stay nicer. And this Poly won’t yellow, which is SO awesome!

(Please note that I didn’t stain the back or ends of my wood- I ended up having to go back and stain them once I was done- not fun! So don’t follow my bad example, and just stain all the sides of the boards in the first place.)

Step 3: Glue Wood onto Table Top

Once your boards are stained and dried, apply some Liquid Nails to the back of your boards, one at a time.

The boards will hang off the edge about 3/4″ on each end, so don’t put the glue all the way on the ends or you’ll have a sticky mess.

(By the way, there are a few different kinds of liquid nails. Make sure you get THIS KIND. And, this price on Amazon is cheaper than I’ve seen it in the hardware stores.)

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

I marked off the center of my coffee table so I knew where to place my center board.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Step 4: Clamp Boards Down

Place your board in the center of your table and clamp each end down so it won’t move. I used these clamps, but my favorite clamps are the Kreg clamps, which are SO amazing!

Also, this price on Amazon is pretty great, about the same as you’ll find in the hardware stores!

DIY Planked Coffee Table

Step 5: Screw Boards Down

Then you’ll use your impact driver to screw a couple of screws on the underside of each end to secure it in place until the glue dries.

The glue is going to be what really holds the boards on, but you’ll want some screws in each end to make sure it stays in place until the glue is nice and dry.

(And yes, I should have stained those edges… whoopsie!)

After you secure your middle board, work outwards- gluing each board, clamping it, and screwing it in place.

DIY Planked Coffee Table

The underside isn’t very pretty, but who cares? You’ll just make sure you have screws holding the ends of each board in place.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Step 6: Apply Weight & Let Dry

After all the boards are glued and screwed, turn the entire thing upside down and put something really heavy on the middle part. Then let it sit overnight. This will ensure your boards are flat and stuck down really well, so the top of your table isn’t all warped and uneven.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Step 7: Add extra screws

After it dries overnight, screw a few more screws in the center of each board (on the underside). I ended up having each end screwed, and 3 screws in the center of each board, about every foot or so. This will just help hold the boards in place, so they don’t wobble or warp over time.

DIY Plank Table

Step 8: Enjoy!

Then, once you turn your table right-side up, you won’t see any glue or screws… just a beautiful, rustic, farmhouse coffee table.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

I am in LOVE with how it turned out. It is exactly the style and look I was going for!

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

And it fits perfectly in my home.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you used this tutorial in your own home, I would love to see photos and share them here on my blog! Please email completed photos to

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Jackie Wallace

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

This coffee table is so cute! I have been looking everywhere for one like it. We are having our kitchen cabinets refinished next week, but this might have to be the next home project on our list. Love it so much! Thanks for sharing.


Monday 5th of July 2021

wow amazing, this is the great design of the coffee table, Really I love your DIY projects and I will appreciate you for this informative and valuable content. also, I will do small woodworking at the house for entertainment.

Daniel Ryan

Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

Total cost for the build, if you don’t mind me asking? Trying to justify building vs buying


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

I will appreciate you for this kind of DIY project, Really I love your woodworking and the table designing is so nice and interesting. I will try to make it at home by following your information. Thanks


Saturday 13th of March 2021

The perfect super affordable Modern Farmhouse Style Coffee Table that would look amazing. DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table. I love Ikea furniture for the price (so affordable) and the style (love the clean look and simple structure)