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Donut Holes on an Arrow

Donut Holes on an arrow

One of my favorite ways to make holidays more special for my family is by making fun treats with my kids. I decided to shake things up this year on Valentine’s Day, and forgo our usual pink heart-shaped cookies and make something my boys would love instead. So I came up with these donut holes on an arrow, because honestly, who doesn’t love a good homemade donut! Make that donut miniature and put it on a stick, and you are SET!!! These are adorable, and delicious! And they were a HUGE hit with the whole family- not just my boys! 

donut holes on a stick

These donut holes on an arrow are perfect for Valentine’s day, but really, you could use them for any holiday! I’m thinking fireworks for Independence Day, or maybe a Christmas tree top and bottom for Christmas. Or how cute would these be at a birthday party, even without the arrowhead and fletchings…. The possibilities are endless!

Supplies needed:

Donut Holes (I made mine using Rhodes frozen dough)
Skewers or paper straws
Paper cut out for arrow head and fletchings 
Hot Glue

donut holes on a stick


Click over to the Rhodes Blog to see the full instructions of how I made these cute donut holes on an arrow.

donut holes on a stick

donut holes on an arrow


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