5 fun ideas for the last day of school

Let me get something out in the open… I am a terrible mom. TERRIBLE, I tell you. Need some examples?

Yesterday was early day at our school. I forgot. Since my son is in afternoon Kindergarten, he goes early to school on short days, and then gets out early too. Well, when I dropped him off at the normal time, no other moms were dropping off their kids… that’s when I realized it was early day, and poor Benson was an hour and a half late. So, you would think I would remember to pick him up early since I forgot to drop him off early, right? NOPE. I got a phone call from the school saying poor Benson was sitting in front of the school waiting for me. I am hanging my head in shame.

 Example number 2: I went to Studio 5 today to film the segment below for 5 fun ideas for the last day of school. I made arrangements for all of my kids to go to babysitters or friends’ houses, so they all got to school in time… good mom, right? Well, I forgot today was Molly’s turn to bring snack to preschool. CRAP!!! Luckily my sweet neighbor, who took Molly to school today, remembered it was Molly’s snack day and took snack for her.

Ok, so I’m a terrible mom. But, I try to be fun. When I remember things. So, I came up with 5 fun ideas for the last day of school. And I’ll share my video from Studio 5 today at the bottom.


1. Welcome to Summer banner



2. Autograph Shirts


3. Summer Bucket List

Click to download this free  Summer Bucket List Printable


4. Summer Coupon Book


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4. S’mores Party



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