Father’s Day idea for kids

Every father’s day, I’m stuck with the same dilemma: What to do for Dad.

Because Father’s Day isn’t really Christmas, right? I don’t think we should go crazy with expensive gifts, but I want to do something special for all the Dads in my life.

And most often, the answer isn’t something that costs a bunch of money. Most often, the best gifts are something homemade- that took some thought.

My sister, Emily, came up with this awesome idea last year, and I think I might copy it this year. 

All you have to do is cut some words out on some cardstock or posterboard

And have the kids hold them up- upside down and backwards. Then snap a photo.

Print it up and stick it in a frame.

Super cute, right?

 And the best part is that this project could be REALLY cheap- just the cost of printing and framing.

And it would work for Grandpa too. Grab all the little grandkids and have them each hold a letter.

Good thing my dad doesn’t read my blog. 🙂


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