Teaching Kids Faith with Buddy Box

I love when my kids come home from school and they’ve learned a new concept. It’s fun to watch them learn to spell correctly or figure out a math problem they didn’t know before. But I also really worry about what they learn from the other kids at school. There have been a few times when I’ve had to correct something my kids heard at recess, or explain why we don’t say naughty words. So I love anything that teaches my children to have faith, and that’s why my family is so excited about the Buddy Box program.

The Buddy Box program is a monthly package delivered to your doorstep that encourages children and families to grow their faith. It’s full of fun surprises that will help your kids see that God’s love is relevant, real, and lots of fun! Buddy Box is a fun way to teach kids about faith and Jesus.

My kids were so excited to dig into their Buddy Box, and explore all the new things. As we pulled out each item, we got to talk about Jesus, and how each thing can remind us to be faithful. 

I loved watching my kids help each other, and talk to each other about how we can remember Jesus. They were especially excited to use the items to serve other people. There were a few items that they thought would be good to share with a friend, or to drop off on someone’s doorstep to help their day be better. My motherly heart could have burst at the sight of them getting along, and sharing their faith with each other.

I love that our Buddy Box helped us to grow our faith in Jesus. I hope that when my children are scared or worried, wherever they are, that they remember God is with them. I want this to be their first instinct, so that no matter what anyone at school (or anybody else) tells them, they can rely on their faith and remember the things they’ve learned in our home.

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