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Purify the Air with Plants

 You guys know that I just had baby number 4. One thing I’ve been really worried about with this baby is all the junk floating around the air. I worry about what my older kids are bringing home from school, and with solder weather approaching, I know the days of sickness are ahead of us. So I’m trying to keep the air as nice and clean as I can. One way I’m able to do that is with air purifying houseplants from Costa Farms

 I love having houseplants in my home. It makes everything seem much brighter, cleaner, and leaves the air feeling so fresh. I always have a plant or two hanging out in my living room, and it makes such a difference in the way our home feels. And since these plants purify the air, they are perfect for the dreary months ahead of us.

 I used a Dracaena plant in our nursery. This plant is SO unique and cool looking. It’s almost like a mini tree, and my baby loves to stare at it while laying in the crib. It’s really beautiful in the nursery.

 And in the living room, I keep a Dieffenbachia plant. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to care for (thank goodness), and the bright leaves look really nice against the dark wood of my farmhouse coffee table. Yes, my very dirty coffee table. Let’s be real, here, people… my house is never clean. One more reason I need airy purifying plants- haha!

I really love using plants and greenery around my home. I love the way it makes my house feel and smell, and the way it keeps my house feeling fresh and clean. I hope you aren’t afraid to use live plants in your home, either. You are sure to love the way they make your home feel.

*** I received product from Costa Farms in order to write this post. But these ideas, my house, the photographs, and all the things I said are 100% my own. And guess what guys? I would never recommend something I wouldn’t actually use in my own home. ***

Phyllis please

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

Please be careful w houseplants around small children. Many of them are poisonous