Spooky Halloween Mirror- without a mirror



A while back, I found this old oval frame. I always loved it so much, and kind of thought it was a little creepy… So when I was decorating for Halloween this year, I knew I needed to use this cool frame for something a little spooky. But not too spooky, cause we all know I’m sort of a wimp. So I made this really cool “mirror” which really isn’t a mirror at all.

I picked up some 1/8″ MDF plywood at the Home Depot and cut it (not very well) to fit in my frame. Then I sprayed the board with Rustoleum’s Mirror Effect Spray Paint. It gave it a mirrored look, which was awesome! This stuff also works on glass, so if you have a frame with glass (lucky you), you can spray this on there and make it look like a mirror. Totally cool.


Then I took a Sharpie and drew a spider web with a spider hanging from it. I just freehanded it, which I think really adds to the look of it, because it isn’t perfect.


And that’s it. For just a few bucks and a few minutes, I have a really spooky “mirror”.


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  1. Love your mirror frame and what a clever idea you came up with.
    Also like you Pedestal stands as well.

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