Simple Pink and Gold Girls Room (how to create an engineer print and a free printable)

This pink and gold girls room turned out so cute! I am excited to share it with you guys today! I’m also going to teach you how to create an engineer print. Oh, and there’s a free printable up for grabs too!

simple pink girl room

You know those rooms that change and evolve over time? That’s my little girl’s room. We have added and taken away different elements as she’s grown. Each time we change something, it reflects her age and stage of life, and it I always love it for her. Well, I just changed it up- again! And I’m excited to share the changes with you.

simple pink girl room

I started with the board and batten headboard I built- painted in a soft blush pink. Then I used a basic white duvet. I added some Ikea pillows and an Ikea throw blanket to the bed. I also have an Ikea picture shelf (hung upside down), with a gold spray painted marquee letter, an Ikea plant, and some other little nic-nacs. Then I put some paper lanters in the corner with my cute DIY dream catcher abover her bed. Oh, and my favorite part is that engineer print, which makes a huge statement but only cost a few bucks!

simple pink girl room

I partnered with Font Bundles to show you guys how to make an engineer print like I have here with the cutest fonts ever. I love using the fonts from Font Bundles, because they come curated in a bundle of cute fonts -like the Delightful Bundle that I used here- that coordinate together for a super good price. If you were to buy all the fonts separately, you would pay so much more. 

simple pink girl room

How to make a big engineer print for your pink and gold girls room

1. Create Print

I used the Delightful font bundle (pretty peachy and rock-n-roll beach) in Microsoft Word to quickly type one of my favorite quotes from Elaine Dalton.

Make sure you size your page to be the correct size you’ll end up printing- mine was 24 x 36. 

how to create engineer print


2. Save Print

Save your print as a PDF. You do this so there isn’t any distortion or changes in your print when you take it to be printed.

how to save pdf in word

3. Send to the printer

I like to use Staples or a local blue print company to print my engineer prints. They are about $5 for a 24 x 36 at Staples.

4. Frame your print

I bought a cheap poster frame from Amazon, but you can find them at Target, Walmart, or wherever. I also have a super simple tutorial for building engineer print frames, or a really cute giant frame.

The frame I purchased came black, but I spray painted it gold with this gold spray paint. After it had dried, I framed my print.

Since the engineer print paper is kind of flimsy and I didn’t want it to slide, I taped the print to the cardboard frame backing.

simple pink girl room

5. Hang the poster print

This is pretty self explanatory. Just hang the print wherever you want a little added inspiration or humor.

simple pink girl room

I absolutely love the way this engineer print turned out. I love how it looks in my daughter’s gold and pink room. It was the perfect addition!

simple pink girl room

Don’t forget to check out the cute font bundles over at You can download two different versions here:

inspirational-LDS-quote.pdf LDS-inspirational-quote-free-1.pdf

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  1. Wow, I love everything. Although my three daughters re all grown up. I am going to use the print saying in my living room. I love it. Thank you for sharing. I never though about printing gr staples.
    You have opened a can of creative juices. Watch out world.

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