Our Basement Office- Ceiling Fan

I’m excited to share the ceiling fan we decided to put in our basement office.

basement ceiling fan

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we have been working on our basement office. We are so close to being done- I keep hoping the baseboards will install themselves, but I’m starting to think they won’t. We did install a new ceiling fan, though, so we are one step closer to getting our office completely finished.

basement office ceiling fan

We decided on the Stile Anderson Fan from The Home Depot- you can learn more about the Anderson fan here. This fan solved 3 of our ceiling fan needs- you know, besides being really good looking and very affordable.

First, the fan blades are completely enclosed. Since our basement ceilings are barely 8 feet tall, we wanted an enclosed fan so we wouldn’t feel like the fan blades were too close to our head.

enclosed ceiling fan

The second concern was again because of our short ceilings. We wanted a fan that didn’t hang down really far- we needed to be able to walk under it. The Stile Anderson Fan is exactly 15 1/2″ from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan, so we are still able to walk under the fan!

basement office ceiling fan light

And the third concern was the light. We knew we wanted LED’s, but we wanted more than that. Since we will be working in our home office sometimes in the wee hours of the night, we wanted a light that could dim. And this ceiling fan totally does! We love that by using the remote, and holding down the light button, the fan adjusts from bright to dim. You just let go of the button when the light is as bright or dim as you want it. We have loved this feature!

ceiling fan with remote

My parents loved our basement office ceiling fan so much that when they were refinishing a little sitting area in their home, they decided to put the same Stile Anderson Fan in their room as well. And they have been really happy with it there too.

This post was sponsored by Stile Fans. However, all opinions are my own.

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