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How to Make a Hoop Wreath

How to Make a Hoop Wreath

This video shows you how to make a hoop wreath for under $20 in 20 minutes. This is such a simple spring and summer craft idea!

how to make a hoop wreath

I have always loved hoop wreaths. I love how simple, modern, and clean they are. Making one has been on my list to do for a long time. But now that I made one, I’m obsessed with how easy they are! This one cost less than $20 in supplies, and took about 20 minutes to make!


hoop wreath supplies

Disclaimer: I got all of my supplies in store at Joann, so everything linked through the Joann links are the exact items I used. Similar items are linked through Amazon, because I just know how convenient Amazon is. All of the items total were about $26 if nothing was on sale. But, there are always coupons and sales at Joann, so that is why I say $20 for supplies. I believe that buying everything through Amazon is a little more expensive, but oh so convenient.


Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to make a hoop wreath

  1. Add Greenery

    Start with some greenery stems. I used these boxwood stems from Joann. Trim the excess stem with wire cutters. Then place the stems on the metal wreath, facing opposite directions, and wrap the floral wire around the stems to keep them in place. You could also use floral tape.

  2. Add Filler Pick

    Next you’ll need some filler picks like baby’s breath or something similar. I used these picks from Joann. Trim the excess stems from your filler picks. Place the stems on top of the greenery that you just added, so the picks are facing opposite directions. Attach with floral wire or floral tape.

  3. Add Larger Flowers

    Next you’ll add your larger flowers. You can purchase flowers separately, but I’ve found it to be cheaper to buy a small bouquet and cut the flowers off. I used this bouquet from Joann. Using your wire cutters, cut the flowers off the bouquet, leaving a 2-3 inch stem. Starting with the larger flowers, wire or tape the flowers on to the metal ring.

  4. Secure the Pieces

    If your pieces are sliding, you’ll need to add some floral tape to keep everything in place. I didn’t show this on the video, but I added some floral tape on the back of my wreath, on top of my wire to keep it from twisting and sliding. I also added a few extra wires to the tops of my greenery, so they follow the curve of the hoop a little better.

    You could also add a bow if you’d like. Then hang up and enjoy!

floral hoop wreath