Cinnamon Roll Gift Tags {Free Printable}

 One of my favorite memories at Christmas is my Mom making Cinnamon Rolls for our neighbors. She would make them fresh and hot, and then my dad would walk down the street with a pan of cinnamon rolls in each hand, and everyone would take a hot cinnamon roll and eat them right then and there. Ahhh, the memories. This year, I decided we would continue the tradition, except we’d package our cinnamon rolls up nice and cute with these Cinnamon Roll Gift Tags. And I’m offering them to you as a free printable today! YAY!

 These tags are perfect to pair with your homemade cinnamon rolls. Or, you can stick them on a cinnamon roll from your local bakery. I got these YUMMY cinnamon rolls at a cute little boutique and bakery in South Jordan, Utah called The Pokka Dott Boutique and Rollin’ in the Dough Bakery. SO yummy. (If you’re in South Jordan, head over and check that shop out. They are amazing, and they really need your help to stay in business! And they aren’t even paying me to tell you about them. I just really love that place.)

 And, if all else fails, stick them on a bag of frozen cinnamon rolls. 

 These little tags will make an cinnamon roll (or bag of cinnamon rolls) look so adorable! 

 I’m so excited to offer these gift tags as a free printable today. I have 3 different versions.

Click on the link below to download the version you’d like:

This is how we roll

This is how we roll (Christmas)

We like the way you roll


Once you click on the link, right click on the image and choose “save image as” then save to your computer.

This prints as an 8×10. You can print it at your local photo center (I love Costco), or on your home printer.

This is for PERSONAL use only. Do not sell or alter in any way. If you want to share this printable, please refer friends back to this post, so they can download.


Thank you!


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