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Christmas time is coming up, and if your family is anything like mine, all they want are Amazon gift cards. I love giving Amazon gift cards because it’s SUPER easy, and everyone could use SOMETHING from Amazon.

Seriously, who doesn’t want an amazon gift card? I do.

The problem is, I like to be clever and cute, and giving a gift card is neither clever nor cute. So my sister and I came up with this idea for an Amazon Gift Card printable to go along with your gift card, and I’m offering it to you as a free printable. And if you like this printable, please check out some of my other free printables


You really can use this cute little “thank you” idea for any occasion.

You’ll need:

This printable- 5×7 {download here}

Amazon gift card

cardstock, cut 1/4 inch larger than card (that means 5 1/4 x 7 1/4)

twine or ribbon

glue stick or photo dots

exacto knife



Download and print out the card {here}.

Download and print an Amazon gift card {here}

It is a 5×7 size. You can print it at any photo printing store (I love Cost

co), or on your home printer- print it on cardstock or photo paper if you print at home.

Cut a little slit right above the thank you.

Stick the thank you paper to the piece of cardstock. Make sure not to glue where the gift card will be.

Wrap some twine or ribbon around it. 

Slide in the gift card.


 This would also work attached to a gift without a giftcard. Or, I think it would be darling stuck to an amazon box- it would give you an excuse not to wrap it!


Click here to buy an amazon gift card:


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