Simply The Best {teacher appreciation}

  My oldest son is in Kindergarten this year, so I volunteered to help with the PTA (apparently only the Kindergarten moms are naive enough to volunteer!) I was assigned to be in charge of teacher appreciation, which includes bus drivers, the principal, and all of the other people who work at the school. I actually LOVE doing teacher gifts, and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I’m not on the fundraising committee! Yikes! So, in case you are in my same shoes, and need a teacher appreciation idea, I’ve got the perfect idea for you. This isn’t just for teachers, though. It would also work for a friend, a family member, or really anyone you wanted to thank or cheer up. 


All you need is a bottle of “Simply” Lemonade or Orange Juice, and this  Simply The Best printable tag.

The download prints as a 5×7. I mounted it on some cardstock and cut a little slit in the top of the card, where I slipped in a gift card. Then I tied the whole thing around the bottle of juice with a cute little ribbon and called it good.

So, now I want to know… are you the kind of mom who volunteers to help at your child’s school? Tell me in the comments below, what you do to help out.



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