DIY Halloween Pallet Art



 I love Halloween. But guess what? I’m not totally in love with Halloween Decor. I know, I know… Halloween is one of those holidays you can go all out and decorate your home with all sorts of goulish things. But, see, I’m a wimp. And I think if I had anything too scary in my home, I’d pee my pants whenever I have to get up in the night. So, I came up with this Halloween Pallet Art, which is just the right amount of fun and cute, with a little spook mixed in.

And the trickiest part of this whole thing is that this pallet art isn’t even made of a pallet at all. You can see the full tutorial for how to build this pallet art {here}.

Basically, you just take some cedar fence pickets, cut off the dog-ear, cut them in half, and staple them together with some scrap wood, add some wire or strong twine for hanging… and you’ve got yourself a “pallet” you can do whatever you want with. (Have I ever mentioned that I am in love with my Ryobi staple gun?)


Once you’ve got your “pallet” built, you can paint however you’d like. I used a big bowl as my guide, and painted a yellow moon. I used Deco-Art’s inheritance.


Then paint your tree silhouette. I used a larger paintbrush for the trunk, then used a really fine-tip brush to add extra branches and a few bats hanging around.



I absolutely LOOOOVE the way this project turned out. It’s just the right amount of spook, with no pants peeing involved.




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