How to Make Rapunzel Hair

I am so excited to have my cousin, Millie, here today. She is so cute, and such a fun and REAL mom. I just love her! We have girls the same age, and when I saw she made this Rapunzel hair for her daughter, I knew I needed her to post on my blog so I could make some for Molly too. Because she wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween (along with every other little girl), and this hair would make a great addition to any princess’s wardrobe. And…. you could TOTALLY make this before Halloween, and get your little girl all “tangled” out.

This is the version I made for my little girl this year:


And, here’s Millie’s version…

Hey y’all!  I’m Millie from Milbert 4.0 and I’m excited to be able to share something on Natalie’s awesome creative blog.  Really it was a huge compliment when she asked me to share this.  But first a little explanation.

My husband just started medical school in West Virginia and we have two adorable children.  My daughter, Aurora loves princesses (shocker right?) and a few weeks ago we were at the mall here and we went into the Disney Store.  We wanted to get her a cute princess doll but while we were there Aurora saw this Rapunzel hair…

Of course she wanted the hair.  Aurora loves Rapunzel and let’s face it, long hair is pretty awesome.  I told her that Mommy could make her Rapunzel hair ten times cooler and (and ten times cheaper), so we found her some cute dolls (which were on sale by the way),

and off we went.

We stopped by a craft store on the way home and we got some supplies and this is what we ended up with…

Yep true to my word I went home and made Aurora Rapunzel hair.  And here’s how I did it so you can make one too;

what you’d need:

yarn – one full skein

Ribbon – three colors

hot glue gun


Step 1:

out the strands.  We used the leg of the our piano bench and the
headband.  We just looped it over and over until it was all out.  You’ll
want it longer than your child’s height because braiding it will
shorten it.

Step 2:

we hot glued the yarn to both the top and bottom of the headband.  The
yarn is still in a big loop at this point, so we didn’t have to worry
about if we were perfectly centered on the lengths.  You’ll also need to
make sure the yarn is in a single layer so that each strand gets enough
glue on it to stay secure.

Step 3:

it out, and cut the looped bottoms.  Like I said it shortens a lot once
you braid it, so at first it was long enough to touch the floor when i
was wearing it.  (also, don’t you do projects in your Kimono?  yeah, I’m awesome like that.)

Step 4:

braiding.  You’ll need an awesome volunteer to wear the head band and
secure it.  I started with two small braids on each side to add to the
big braid.  In the movie, Rapunzel had small braids in the bigger braid,
it adds a cool dimension.

Step 5:

ribbons.  I started doing the big braid and noticed needed something
more so I added some ribbon, a different color for each group.  I just
hot glued them to the top of the headband, and then wrapped them around
the group, so they would be easier to braid.

the ribbons were done I did the big braid.  On the end of the braid I
put a normal ponytail holder, and then covered it in yarn.  I trimmed
the braid off so it would be even and the main part was done.

Step 6

Last I made another braid and then hot glued it on top of the head band so it looked nice and finished.  

had intended it to be worn like a head band, but it was too heavy so it
wouldn’t stay up.  So I added some more ribbon and tied a bow so that
it was like a crownish thing.

It turned out perfect.  It is just the right length that it trails on the ground and feels fun like Rapunzel’s hair. And I love that I can undo the braid and re-braid it anytime it looks messy.

Obviously Aurora loves it.  I had the ribbons, and head band, so I only had to pay for the
yarn which only cost me like $3…perfect!  Super cheap and super fun.

Take that Disney Store!

2 Responses to How to Make Rapunzel Hair

  • judy bolen says:

    Love love love this!!!! I just dont understand where the yarn came from to go across the top? Welcome to WV beautiful place to raise children i have never lived anywhere else Thank you

  • Shannon says:

    I love it Millie!!! Last year at the end of Halloween I went and bought a blonde long hair wig…. It lasted a couple of months before I threw it out because it was so matted and I was finding long synthetic hairs everywhere. This would solve that problem. So cute!

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