How to Make Rapunzel Hair

My little girl wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween (along with every other little girl), and this hair would make a great addition to any princess’s wardrobe. And…. you could TOTALLY make this before Halloween, and get your little girl all “tangled” out.

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This is the version I made for my little girl this year:

 Here is a version made by my awesome cousin, Millie.

And this Rapunzel Hair tutorial is great! From The Weekend Homemaker



  1. judy bolen says

    Love love love this!!!! I just dont understand where the yarn came from to go across the top? Welcome to WV beautiful place to raise children i have never lived anywhere else Thank you

  2. Shannon says

    I love it Millie!!! Last year at the end of Halloween I went and bought a blonde long hair wig…. It lasted a couple of months before I threw it out because it was so matted and I was finding long synthetic hairs everywhere. This would solve that problem. So cute!

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