How to Make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ever since I showed you my neice’s “Crazy 8” Birthday Party, I’ve been wanting to try making cupcakes in ice cream cones.

Actually, it’s my kids that have been wanting me to make these cupcakes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… this isn’t the most “original” idea ever, right? Right. But, if you’re like me, you may not realize how EASY these are to make.

 Here’s what you’ll need:

24 flat bottom ice cream cones- mine were colorful

Cake mix- I used funfetti, because it’s the best kind.

Frosting- I used a basic buttercream, but you can use whatever kind you like.

Piping bag and Wilton 2D tip

Sprinkles for the top

The biggest dilemma when making these cupcakes is getting the cones to stand up, and stay standing up while you bake and frost them.

I discovered that a mini cupcake tin worked perfect for mine!

Fill your cones about 1/2 full.

Then bake them in the oven as directed on the cake mix box. You’ll know they’re done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Then use your star tip to frost the cupcakes. I use Wilton’s 2D. This is a bigger tip, but you can use whatever star tip you have laying around.

The trick to frosting these is by starting on the edge of the cupcake, and swirling around and in, toward the center. Use steady pressure. And to make it look like ice cream, you want it to be swirled with a little dollop on top.

And it helps if your frosting is slightly thicker in consistency.

The best part for the kids is always putting on a disgusting amount of sprinkles on top. Before church. In their best dress- or wearing nothing but an apron.

Yes, that’s how we do things around here.

And before you know it, you’ve got ice cream cone cupcakes.

They are especially popular with the younger crowd, and they really don’t take much more work than making regular cupcakes.

I’m thinking these might become a regular request for birthdays.


 And I’m ok with that, as long as I get to request this naughty chocolate and peanut butter mousse when it’s my birthday. Yum.


  1. Anonymous says

    I have also sprayed a regular muffin tin and then filled it half full and then put the icecream cone on top that way they don’t get soggy.

    • Anonymous says

      I made these this weekend for my grand daughter’s birthday party and I ended up throwing them away, because the cone came out so chewy you couldn’t eat them. Pretty disappointed.

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  3. KirstenNB says

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.
    I wanted to share my idea for standing the cups up… I used a regular sized muffin tin and covered it with one large piece of aluminum foil. I took a sharp knife and cut an X in the middle of the foil over each muffin cup . The cones fit snugly inside each X and are pretty stable.

  4. Tenia says

    Wonderful!! Thanks so much! I made a last minute request to a bakery to make these for my (soon to be) 6 yr old daughter. They couldnt make it so now its up to mommy! Thanks to you post i will be able to still pull this off!

  5. Abby says

    Amazing! I’m so doing this for Fourth of July. I think I’m going to use a little syringe to put vanilla pudding in the cupcake when it cools! Thanks so much!


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