Doily Wreath Tutorial

There are a few things I absolutely love to decorate my home with. I love a good, curvy, chunky frame- they are the perfect statement pieces for photos, printables, or even empty. I also love banners, and have made quite a few on the blog- I’ve got paper banners, fabric banners, and even glittered banners. And another decorating staple for my home is a fantastic wreath! One of my all-time favorite wreaths is my rosette wreath. I love how full and fluffy it looks, so I decided to imitate that wreath with doilies instead of crepe paper rosettes, and it turned into this adorable doily wreath.


 This wreath lives in my bedroom, on a giant mirror above my bed. Yes, it’s a dirty mirror… I have this wreath above my bed because I have a little phobia of things falling off my walls in the middle of the night. It’s happened a lot at my house, probably because I’m a really bad picture hanger (ask my husband). And so because of this little phobia, I don’t like to hang anything really heavy over our beds, because I don’t want anyone getting knocked out by a falling giant mirror (yeah, I know I have a giant mirror above my bed) in the night…. I guess if the mirror falls, that will be really bad, but if that doily wreath falls? It will be like a kiss from the wreath Gods, because it’s so light and fluffy, you won’t mind it smashing you in the face at 2 am. Right? Yeah, just go with it… 

 Would you like to make your own doily wreath?

You’ll need:

Wreath form (I used a cardboard circle)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


If you have a wreath form, you are a step ahead of me. I didn’t have one, and I didn’t really want to buy one, so I made my own. I simply used two different sized plates as a template, drew circles on a piece of cardboard, and cut it out. It worked perfectly, and it was free! Woohoo!

I used about 100 doilies, which I found at the dollar store in the party/wedding section.  And they were all stuck together with incredible force. So I enlisted my little princess to help me get them separated.

  Once I had the doilies separated, I started making my wreath. You’ll just take your doily, and fold it into fourths around a pen. Then put hot glue on the tip of your folded doily and glue it onto your wreath form. The reason I used a pen is because I didn’t want to burn my fingers with the hot glue (been there, done that).

 You’ll repeat this about 4,000 times until your wreath is full and fluffy. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the madness. Just hot glue folded doilies all over your wreath form. I’m not gonna lie, it gets a little tedious, especially if you have a large wreath. Just turn on the train wreck that is “The Bachelor”, and enjoy yourself. Before you know it, you’ll have glued on 4,000 doilies.

 You’ll need something to hang it with. I used a scrap piece of ribbon, and glued it onto the back.

 And VOILA!!! You’ve got yourself a beautiful doily wreath that only cost a dollar or two. Everyone will think you are so clever and crafty for whipping up such a fancy wreath, but deep down, you’ll know how cheep and simple it was to make. But I’ll keep your secret, I’ll just let them keep thinking all those wonderful things about you! Because really, you are crafty and clever, and you can do this!

 I’m joining along with some of my favorite bloggers in an alphabet craft along. I was lucky enough to pick the letter D- hence the doily wreath. Click on any image below to see the other bloggers’ crafts! This is going on all month, and is hosted by Crafting in the Rain.

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D is for Doily wreath || The Creative Mom

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