DIY Dollhouse with free building plans

I am so excited to share how to build a dollhouse, and also share the free building plans with you!

This DIY Dollhouse is so cute! I have made so many cute DIY gifts over the years, like my finger hockey game, cornhole boards, baseball display shelf, this cute golf ball display, chalkboards, toy chests, and desks. I love making things for my children, and I think handmade gifts are the absolute best.

So this year, when my brother wanted to make a cute DIY dollhouse for his daughter for Christmas, I knew I wanted to help! So we worked together; I drew up the building plans, and he built the dollhouse. I think it turned out so cute, and my neice was so surprised on Christmas morning!

I teamed up with Kreg, the company that makes my favorite jigs, and I’m hosting the free building plans over on their site.

DIY Dollhouse Plans

My brother and I wanted to make this project as simple and inexpensive as possible, so the entire DIY dollhouse is made from a sheet (48″x96″) of 3/4″ plywood.

DIY Dollhouse Plans

We started out with a pretty simple carcass. We used our Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes, and wood glue 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws to attach everything together.

Then, he added a few extra touches to really make the dollhouse come to life. He added some little trim to the walls to make it look like crown molding. And he added some panelling to the roof, using small trim pieces, and the sides of the house to add some extra character.

Most of the furniture was handmade with scraps, and some things, like the toilet, tub, and sink, were 3-D printed. We also cut some furniture with a laser cutter out of thin plywood.

The entire DIY Dollhouse turned out so cute, and we all just swooned over every little detail. You can get my free plans over on the Kreg website. They have such a great library of free building plans, I love to host my plans there.

I partnered with Kreg to sponsor this post. All opinions, photos, plans, ideas, and children are my own… actually, this child is my neice. But I’m still going to claim her as my own. Haha!


    1. She helped him do it ! Isn’t that the best part ! Also I’m so in love with this ! I want to make one so bad but it’s been such a horrible year for me ! Lost my only babysitter and cops stole $60,000 and left me here with nothing. But once my kids father comes home and I can work again I’m going to be making my own! Love this !

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