Your Favorite Projects

I’ve been doing this blog now for a while. Almost 3 years! In that time, I’ve accumulated quite the archive of projects.

And sometimes I feel bad for the projects that got posted waaaay back in the beginning, when my sisters were the only people reading this blog. There were some great projects (and some not so great projects) that haven’t been looked at for a while, just because they’ve been lost and forgotten.

So, in case you haven’t been following me since the beginning, I’ve compiled some of my most popular projects, here in this little old post. Most of the projects have a full tutorial if you click on the link above the picture… And if you click through to those posts, which I hope you will, please go easy on me- the quality of my blogging skills wasn’t amazing on some of these projects. haha.

Do you guys remember some of these projects? Which one is your favorite?

Ruffle Lamp

Painted Vase

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Ruffle Skirt

Crepe Paper Rose Wreath

Bow {and other junk} holders

House Cleaning Schedule {Free Printable Download}

Easy Panel Skirt Tutorial

Car Seat Canopy

Thank You Card for Amazon Gift Cards

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