Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe (thanksgiving pizza)

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe

If your family is anything like my family, we end up with a ton of Thanksgiving leftovers every year. We seem to always make turkey sandwiches, which are fine… for the first 4 days after Thanksgiving, haha. So this year we decided to be a little more creative and make Thanksgiving leftovers pizza. This pizza has a little of everything from Thanksgiving dinner all in one. It was a hit at my house! Everyone loved it.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe

This is the perfect Thanksgiving leftovers recipe. You’ll use up all of your leftovers in no time, and everyone will love this pizza. Trust me, it was a hit at my house!

Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe

Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe


You can find the full recipe on the Rhodes Blog (click here)

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