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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea


 This time of year, I get so excited for Christmas, that I feel a little sad that poor Thanksgiving doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I keep wanting to pull out my Christmas stuff and forget about Thanksgiving altogether. Are you the same way?

But, even if you don’t decorate for Thanksgiving, hopefully you still have a big feast on Turkey Day! And with that big feast comes table decorating! I showed you my placecards that my kids helped me make using leftover Halloween Candy. And today I want to show you how I’m going to finish my table off with this pretty wooden box centerpiece idea.

I absolutely love this centerpiece. It actually sits on my table all year long, and I just switch out what’s in it for different holidays.


 For Thanksgiving, I filled the box with fake leaves and some candles from Ikea.


 It looks absolutely GORGEOUS on my table, with my cafe shelves in the background.

 Now, we are mixing wood, fake leaves, and fire…. So use common sense. I don’t want to hear that anyone burned down their house because their Thanksgiving Centerpiece caught on fire!

 But despite the danger, it sure is beautiful!

 Seriously, I love this centerpiece.


Would you like to know how I made it??

You can find the full tutorial {here}


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Emily DeBry

Thursday 14th of November 2013

This is gorgeous, I love it so much!!