Thankful Rolls

how to make thankful rolls

Every once in a while my kids get in one of those funks- please tell me this doesn’t only happen in my family- where everyone is so whiny and complaining about everything! I hate when my kids are ungrateful, especially because we really have SO much to be thankful for. So, when I notice the whining and complaining happening a lot, I whip out my secret weapon- Thankful rolls. I’m not even kidding, these rolls are magic!

how to make thankful rolls

It doesn’t matter how down we are, as soon as we start listing things we’re thankful for (to put in the rolls), everyone cheers up, and things seem a little more pleasant. Being grateful will do that to you! My kids love breaking these rolls open to see what is inside of them.

Before our dinner, we ask each person for a few different things they are thankful for, so when it’s time to eat, it’s always a surprise to see who’s thankful item you got. This could also be a really fun Thanksgiving tradition that helps people focus on reasons to be thankful!

how to make thankful rolls


If you are using a regular cupcake pan, use Rhodes dinner rolls, or if you want really big rolls (like I did), then use this cupcake pan and Rhodes Texas rolls or Rhodes Gourmet dinner rolls (from Sam’s Club or Costco).

how to make thankful rolls

I am sharing the full tutorial for how to make these rolls over on the Rhodes Blog


how to make thankful rolls

Don’t forget to click over to the Rhodes blog for the FULL recipe!

how to make thankful rolls

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  1. I always get assigned the ROLLS for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to make these Rolls. Me and my girls have a Thankful list of ideas already started.
    Thanks for the idea!

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