Target Dollar Spot Craft Idea

The other day, I was out with my friends, Kami (Sweet Charli) and Staci (The Potters Place). We were in the Target Dollar Spot (cause that’s where the cool kids hang out!), and we saw these adorable unfinished Valentines crafts. We all loved them, and each had our own vision of how we could finish them. So we decided we would challenge ourselves to take the same craft, and each make it match our own styles and decor. 

 I ended up doing a distressed heart, using vinyl as a stencil (like I did here and here). I love the way it turned out!

 I paired it with my doily wreath and stuck it in a huge frame in my entryway. Oh, and by the way, I’m STILL in love with that farmhouse bench I made for under $20.

DIY foyer idea

 Ok, so we all started out with the same exact thing. Pretty simple, and unfinished.

Valentines Craft Idea

 I painted mine dark gray, and cut a “love” arrow stencil out of vinyl.

Valentine Craft

 I placed my vinyl on my heart and painted over the entire thing (even the vinyl) with white paint.

DIY Valentine Craft

 Once the paint was dry, I peeled off my stencil, showing the dark gray paint behind it.

use vinyl as a stencil. Valentine Craft idea.

 Then I distressed the heck out of it with sandpaper (this is the part that really gave it some character).

Cute Valentine Craft idea

 I tied a bow out of pink tulle and hot glued it to the front. 

Tulle Bow

It’s lookin’ pretty cute! The distressing really added a lot of character! 

Cute Valentine Craft Idea

 I replaced the jute it was hanging by with some pink tulle, and called it done! Super simple, and for $3, it adds a lot to my decor!

Don’t forget to check out Kami’s project {here} and Staci’s project {here}.

DIY entryway decor


  1. I loved this inspiration Natalie! It is really gorgeous! I’m on the hunt now for some wooden heart shapes. Hope I could DIY this very same for my snuggle angel’s room before valentines!

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