Swimming Gear Storage

Every Summer we have quite the dilemma at our house. Where do we put our wet swimming suits and towels after we swim? We have a mudroom, but it’s all wood, and I don’t want wet things hanging in there. We’ve tried hanging them out on the deck to dry, but they always end up in the dirt. And we’ve tried hanging them on the towel hooks in the bathroom, only to find a puddle on the floor. 

 So this year, we put a School Locker in our garage to hold our swim stuff, and it’s been great! These metal lockers are fine to have wet gear hanging inside. (we have the orange kids’ locker here)


My kids know that when they come home from swimming or playing in the sprinklers outside, they just hang their gear on the hooks, and it keeps all of the wet clutter off our floor. 

 The shelves are great to hold goggles, sunscreen, and floaties. 

And my kids think it’s pretty cool we have a REAL school locker in our garage. Now I think I’m going to need one for each kid. 

 This has been the best solution I’ve found for wet swimming gear storage. I’m so glad I don’t have puddles of swim water hanging out in my house anymore! Make sure you check out all of the cool lockers they have at School Lockers.com


  1. Oooh. I’m jealous. When we first moved here I started looking for lockers for my garage. Now it’ll just look like I’m copying you!

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