How to stencil a lampshade

Lately my home has felt really drab. So I’ve been trying to add more pops of color into my decor, and all the happy little touches I’ve added have made such a big difference in the way everything feels! I’ve been making more kissing balls, painting old vases, and spray painting everything I can get my hands on.

Starting with my lampshades. And it turned out to be so much fun! If you want to see my TV segment showing this lamp, you can watch it here.

Supplies needed:

Lamp with shade. This lamp is the ROXMO lamp from Ikea.
Stencil (mine was the Endless Circles Lattice Morroccan stencil from Royal Design Studi0)
Spray Paint (I love Krylon)
Tape and Plastic garbage or grocery sack.


 Start with a basic lampshade. One of the best places to find affordable, great looking lamps and shades is at Ikea.

Tape off the inside with painter’s tape and plastic (I used a grocery sack).

 Then tape one end of your stencil onto the lampshade and wrap the stencil around.

 Make sure if the stencil doesn’t cover the entire shade, that you protect the rest of your shade from overspray.

 Then give a super QUICK and LIGHT coat of spray paint to the shade. The worst thing you can do is use too much spray paint, because you’ll end up with drips, and not as crisp lines.

After you paint, remove your stencil, and you are finished!

Such a quick and easy way to add a lot of personality to your space.

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  1. Just what I was looking for! Love it! Could you address when the stencil doesn’t reach all the way around. Like having to move and match the pattern and how long to dry before doing so? Thanks

  2. I actually have a lamp like this with the white lampshade that I was going to get rid off, but I love this idea! I could totally spray paint the lamp with a cute stencil and add a cute pop of color to my home office. great idea!

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