Spooky Potted Plants for Halloween

Isn’t Halloween the best holiday? I love how fun and creative we get to be at Halloween. It’s like we turn back into kids, and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love it! Plus Halloween and Fall crafts are my absolute favorite! I put together these cute little Halloween Creature Pots, and I had so much fun giving them each their own personalities. Don’t they look awesome with these spooky plants inside of them?

You can find the full tutorial for these pots {here}. They are made from Terra Cotta Pots (affiliate link) and literally take 15 minutes to make, so they are a perfect craft to whip up before Halloween. I’ve used them as candy dishes in years past, but I think they look better with funky plants sticking out the top. It’s almost like crazy hair for my little creatures. 

I stuck a bunch of these little guys on my cafe shelves in my dining room for Halloween. This is my favorite place in my house. I love the way my Halloween Pallet Art, my spooky faux mirror, and all these cool plants really brought everything together. Oh, and those giant spiders on the chairs are pretty awesome too!

I used my wooden planter box centerpiece with some more spooky plants in the center of my table. I love how even though this space has SO many different things going on, it also feels fresh and bright and clean. 

These spooky potted plants have been one of my favorite parts of my Halloween Decor. So pick up some Terra Cotta Pots from Amazon (they have the best price I’ve seen) and whip up a couple of these to stick around your house. Or take some to your neighbors, they’ll love them!

If you want to replicate this look, the plants I’ve used are Earth Star, Spider Plant, Bromeliad, & Aloe.

How to Make Halloween Pots


Supplies you’ll need:

Terra Cotta pot or coaster (Pot for Frankenstein, Pumpkin, and Mummy. Coaster for the spider)
Craft paint and brush
Glue gun
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners (for the spider)
White fabric strips (for the mummy)- I cut up an old shirt
Wooden buttons (for Frankenstein’s nose & bolts, and the pumpkin’s nose) 


 Start by painting your pots. This is a perfect project for a little helper. 

 For your pumpkin, you’ll need to paint it all orange and then sponge yellow and red on the top. 

The mummy should be all white, and the spider (coaster) should be all black.

Frankenstein should be all green with black hair (the top rim). I did mine a little zig-zaggy in the front.

And you should end up with something like this:

 After the paint has dried, hot glue some googly eyes, a nose, and Frankenstein’s bolts on. Then take a regular old black sharpie and draw on some eyebrows, a smile, and a few scars.

 For the mummy, you’ll glue googly eyes on. Then rip up an old t-shirt or any scrap piece of white fabric into strips,

Wrap the strips of fabric around the mummy, hot gluing the ends down. 

 For the pumpkin, hot glue some googly eyes on, and the wooden button nose. Then use a sharpie and draw on a mouth.

 For the spider, you’ll need to cut 4 black pipe cleaners in half.

Hot glue some googly eyes on the front. Glue the legs on the sides of the coaster, and then bend.

 Then you can fill your pots up with candy. 

 And whalla, you’ve got yourself a ghoulish group of Halloween friends!

 Don’t let this easy craft get lost. You’ll want to keep this one for your next craft night. I would love it if you would share it with a friend. You can hover your mouse over the image below and pin it to your pinterest board, or share it on Facebook or Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for more ideas like this!



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*** I received product from Costa Farms in order to write this post. But these ideas, my house, the photographs, and all the things I said are 100% my own. And guess what guys? I would never recommend something I wouldn’t actually use in my own home. ***


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