Smores Pizza Recipe

Is your family as obsessed with S’mores as my family is? It seems like that’s all we want to eat this Summer! haha! My all time favorite is a classic S’more cooked on a campfire, but since we don’t have a campfire every night, I’m having a hard time fulfilling my S’mores craving! I came up with a pretty awesome S’mores Cereal Mix, which I make (and devour) all the time. But I wanted something a little different. So I came up with this S’mores Pizza, and it is just what the doctor ordered (actually, that’s not true- I don’t know a doctor who would encourage eating this, haha!) But it curbed my craving and tastes oh-so-delicious!

This is also a great recipe to involve my kids in the kitchen, which I love! I let them each make their own miniature Smores Pizza, and I made one big one. Seriously, guys, these are SO easy, and SUPER delicious. And would you believe the crust is made from Rhodes Bake-n-Serve Dough? I’m sharing the entire S’mores Pizza recipe on the Rhodes kids’ blog. I would LOVE if you would click over and check it out! Or check out some of my favorite Rhodes Recipes.


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