S’mores Cereal Mix

My family is crazy for S’mores! They are one thing we cannot do without in the Summertime. But what do you do when there isn’t a bonfire handy? Or it’s the middle of Winter? Or when you turn into Monster Mom in the afternoon if you haven’t had your daily dose of chocolate? Grab some cereal, chocolate, and mini mallows, and you can have your own S’mores cereal mix in a snap! (and this is a recipe your kids will love to help you with!)

This S’mores cereal mix is absolutely DELICIOUS! It’s like hide in the pantry so you don’t have to share with the kids delicious… Or, if you want to share with the kids (you are nicer than me!), it’s a great snack they can help you make.


(This makes an 18×13 baking sheet full) Graham Cracker Cereal (Golden Grahams or Honey Graham Toasters) 1 bag Milk Chocolate Chips 1 bag White Chocolate Chips Mallow Bits or Mini Marshmallows


I bet you could figure this recipe even if I didn’t help you. There isn’t an exact science to making this treat, so follow your heart (Bachelor anyone) and make it however you’d like.

Start by spreading a layer of cereal on your cookie sheet. You could also do this on wax paper, or even on a greased counter top.

Then melt you chocolates, and drizzle them over top. This is the trickiest part, because you don’t want to burn the chocolate. Just place your chocolate chips in a microwave safe dish and heat for 30 seconds, then stir, then heat for 30 seconds, and stir again- keep heating and stirring until it’s all melted. 

 After you’ve drizzled the chocolate on the cereal, sprinkle mallow bits on top. I like these little ones that we put in hot chocolate, but you could use mini marshmallows if you’d rather.

 Let your S’more cereal mix cool, then break apart. Store any leftovers (there won’t be any) in a zipper bag.


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  1. Thanks for the recipe. What a great breakfast treat. :} We buy that cereal all the time but haven’t seen the little mallow bits. I will have to look harder next time I get to the grocery store. They would be perfect to put in a cup of hot chocolate (snowman soup)

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