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Ruffle Lamp Tutorial

Yay!!!! I finally finished this pesky lamp!

Not before I messed it up a few times first, though. {click here to see how many different times I tried to make this lamp cute… and failed.}

Even though this lamp has been ugly for a few months now, I never gave up!

Here is the finished product! Cute, right? Yeah, I think so too.

If you want to ruffle your own lamp, all you’ll need is some spray paint, ribbon, and TONS of hot glue.

Here’s how I did mine.

I took this $6 thift store lamp…

And spray painted it to death. I used Krylon Sea Breeze Blue (my new favorite color).

Yes, in my attempts to make it cute, I even spray painted the lamp shade. Needless to say, it didn’t look cute.

It took me a while to figure out that there was an accordion-type cover on it. Once I got that off, it was smooth sailing…

Once I got that ugly old thing off, my lamp shade was still sticky, and globby, so I new I needed to cover it up instead of trying to paint it.

Enter my favorite ribbon EVER!!!! I got this stuff at Hobby Lobby for $1 a roll.

I took some ribbon and hot glued it around the base of my lampshade.

Then, I took the rest of it (6 rolls in all), and cut it all in half, length-wise.

I did this because I wanted to use half as much ribbon, and because I wanted it to lay flat on my lampshade.

Then, I just hot glued the strips onto my lamp, one on top of the other.

Once I got about 3/4 of the way up, I ran out of white ribbon, and so did Hobby Lobby. So, I decided I would do a blue stripe to match the base of my lamp.

Once I got all the way to the top, I added my final strip of ribbon, except I did NOT cut this strip down the middle. (I wanted ruffles on both sides of the ribbon).

And that’s it!

I love that this lampshade has just enough ruffle, but not too much that I want to gag.

And, it’s even cute with the light on.

It’s gonna look so cute in my little girl’s room, once we get into our new house!


This is still one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done, and it did end up in Molly’s room in our new house. Hey, I’m not always perfect!


Wednesday 26th of October 2011

How many yards came on each roll you bought? I am ordering this ribbon online, so I want to be sure I am buying enough! Thanks!


Saturday 11th of June 2011

I tried to decorate a cute lamp the other day and failed. You can see my attempts here: but now I may have to go back and try your method! I love the colors!



Saturday 11th of June 2011

Love this so pretty.

I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.

Come strut your stuff.


Monday 6th of June 2011

Love that! It looks so good. I have a lamp that I ripped the shade off a while back and have been looking for ideas for remaking it. This one is perfect. Thanks for sharing it.

Whitney Ulrich

Sunday 5th of June 2011

That looks awesome I love it. I found this project through TT&J linky party! Thank you for sharing. Come say hi! I love new followers.

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