Recipes, Projects, and Organizing ideas for Summer

Summertime is the best! I love the cook-outs and parties, and I love being outside more often. But with all of the fun also comes some boredome, disorder, and need for some great recipes. So, I’ve gathered a bunch of fun Recipes to take to a BBQ, some projects for you and your kids, and some tips for staying organized this summer.

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 This is a great recipe for canning your own salsa. It’s perfect for all that produce you’re growing in your garden this summer.

 When those tomatoes start growing like crazy, I’ve got you covered with this tutorial for canning tomatoes.

 This homemade donut recipe is made using Rhodes frozen dough, so they are quick and easy, and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

 If you need to take a dessert to a party or BBQ, and want to make something that’s sure to impress, but without a lot of hassle, try this Strawberry Brownie Trifle recipe. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty amazing.

 This Strawberries and Cream cake is a great way to use those strawberries you have sitting in the fridge. It’s fresh and delicious!

 Breakfast can be hard during the Summer. But this healthy breakfast recipe can be made ahead and frozen, and it’s under 60 calories per serving!

 Snow cones are a must for Summer. But I never have snow cone syrup on hand. So I make my own using this super simple recipe. And, it tastes great in flavored drinks too!

 My kids BEG me to make these ice cream cone cupcakes. Aren’t they adorable? They are the perfect treat to take with you to your BBQ’s this summer. And they aren’t as hard as they look, either!

 Not only is this homemade butter a recipe, but it’s an activity too! We love to make butter to remember our Pioneer ancestors!



 Father’s day is coming up, and this is a great project for your kids to make their dad. You can use this idea to spell out any word or phrase!

 These burlap stars are a Pottery Barn knock off! They are adorable, and super inexpensive! Perfect for this 4th of July.

 If you’ve got girls camp, or ladies’ night coming up this Summer, you will definitely want to make these painted metal earrings. They are so easy to make, and get this: they cost less than a dollar per pair! Now that’s a project I can get behind!

 My kids LOVE to dress up and use their imaginations to pretend to be different animals and characters. They use these animal masks almost daily! They are quick and easy to make, and you can let them do it themselves!

 If doing a little decorating is on your Summer to-do list, you’ve got to try out these cafe shelves! They are one of my all-time favorite spots in my home!

 I love it when my kids can help me make things to decorate or celebrate! These fabric banners are SO cute, and they’re something your kids can help you make!


Make this Summer memorable by using these free printables for a Summer bucket list, or Summer coupons! Your kids will be sure to love them!


 Summer can be a crazy time for keeping the house clean. My kids are constantly using chore charts to make sure they are doing their part around the house. And, I’ve got one that Mom can use too!


Our garage seems to get really messy in the Summer. These 5 quick tips to organize your garage will help, for sure! 

 If you are going on a road trip this Summer, you NEED one of these garbage bags for your car. I made this garbage almost 4 years ago, and we still use it all the time!

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