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Modern Prints for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Free Download)

Modern Prints for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Free Download)

Are you looking for modern LDS art? I am so excited to share these Free Modern Prints for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with you guys!

modern lds prints

I love the way this modern LDS art looks on my wall! I am trying to be more intentional about my decorating. I realized that I have a lot of mindless, unimportant nic-nacs, and pictures and decor that really doesn’t mean anything to me or my family, but they are cute, so I hang them up on my wall.

I have come to realize that if I have things hanging on the wall, I want them to be things that are important to my family- I want my kids seeing things every day that have a purpose behind them… And it’s a win-win if they aren’t ugly! Haha!  

Modern LDS Printables free

Since I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I decided to hang up some important documents that my church uses. I wanted something simple, and clean looking, so I designed some modern prints of the Articles of Faith, The Family Proclamation, and The Living Christ.

I also printed this temple print that I found on the media library at Did you know you could find all sorts of free LDS art on the church’s website? Pretty cool!

Modern LDS Prints

I recently put a large engineer print in my daughter’s room, which was really cute, but I new I wanted a more modern farmhouse look, so I had my husband build some simple farmhouse frames for me.

He used basic 1×2 pine lumber and built these awesome frames that were really inexpensive! You can get those building plans here if you are interested. You can also use inexpensive poster frames like these from Amazon.

Modern LDS Decorations

The modern LDS prints on my wall are 24×36, and you can print them anywhere that prints blueprints- like Staples or even Costco or Sams Club. I would call your local printer to make sure they print this big and the price, before you send your files in to be printed.

BUT- these prints DO NOT have to be printed big! You could print them as little handouts for your young women, or as a full sheet to fit in a binder. The size is completely up to you!

modern lds printables free



  1. Download the Prints

    Click on the links BELOW the image of the print you want to download. They will download directly to your computer.

    Please note: The temple print was one I found on the media library at I would share it here, but it’s best if you download images straight from the Media Library. Make sure if you are downloading from the Church’s website, you are downloading the PRINT version, not a thumbnail or wallpaper. To get this same look: I simply changed my temple image to black and white and lightened up the midtones a TON!  I think the key to these modern LDS prints are bright pictures and really clean lines.

  2. Send the File to the Printer

    Once you’ve downloaded your files, save the files on a flash drive and take the flash drive into your print shop. Or, some print shops have an online ordering system.

    You can print these whatever size you’d like. From bookmark size all the way up to something to hang on your wall, it’s completely up to you. The size I am holding in my hand (pictured above) is a 5×7. Please note that some sizes will crop.

    For the prints hanging on my wall, I ordered 24×36 inch prints. If you are printing this as a smaller print, you can just print it on your home printer!

  3. Frame the Prints

    You can get my building plans here for the frames we built if you are interested. You can also use inexpensive poster frames like these from Amazon.

    Good Luck!!!


Articles of Faith Modern- JPEG


The Family Proclamation- JPEG


The Living Christ Modern- JPEG


If you would like to print these for your Sunday School class, or youth group, please feel free to make as many copies as you’d like. I am sharing these prints for free in hopes that people will use them for good, not to make money. If you are making something to SELL, please do not use my prints. Thank you.

New Restoration Proclamation?

I have had a lot of questions if I could offer the new restoration proclamation as well. Unfortunately, the church will not licence me to use this document on my website. So I will not be offering that document here on my site.

I have also had to remove the youth theme downloads, so if you are looking for those, they are no longer available. I am so sorry, but I hope you will enjoy these prints.

modern LDS free printable prints

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Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Hello! I can't seem to find the links. It says "[download id=”6213″]" where a link should be. Am I doing something wrong is the link broken?

Thank you!

Natalie Dalpias

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I was having some site issues. It should be back up and running again, so you can download it now.



Friday 14th of August 2020

Hi there. I really love your framed lds prints. I plan to build my own soon. So thank you for posting these. I had a question and I checked comments to see if anyone else ask this question but didn't find it. I wanted to know if and what stain you used on your frames and did you stain them before or after you built them?


Sunday 31st of May 2020

These are beautiful. Reading the other comments, I would also be interested in a print of the restoration. Thanks.


Wednesday 8th of April 2020

YES! Please make a restoration one to match please!

Nicole Pullen

Wednesday 15th of April 2020

I am also on here to check if the restoration one has been done! I need it to complete my set!!! :)


Sunday 5th of April 2020

Any plans to make a Restoration Proclamation to match? Thanks!

Natalie Dalpias

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

I wish I could, but the church has asked me not to reproduce this document. I am so sorry.