How to Make the PERFECT Cinnamon Roll

Right before Christmas, I shared my Cinnamon Roll Gift Tags and my family’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe with you, and today I want to share my little trick for how to make the perfect cinnamon roll.

Making cinnamon rolls isn’t really that hard. But it does take a long time to let the knead everything together and let the dough rise. So once you’ve put in the effort to make the cinnamon rolls, you for sure want them to look amazing, right? This little tip will help you to make the perfect cinnamon roll EVERY time.

This is the simplest little trick, and it will make all the difference in how your cinnamon rolls turn out.

You will have a much easier time cutting them, and they will be a lot better looking. Like, really really ridiculously good looking. (name that movie!)

 When you make cinnamon rolls, you roll up the dough like so…. right? Right.

And then you grab a knife and start cutting… right? WRONG!!!

 Unless you want to squish the crap out of your cinnamon rolls. Or if you want them to be weird shaped. But, my friends, we want neither of those. 

And that’s where my mom’s simple little trick comes in handy.

 Grab a length of regular sewing thread, and use it to cut your cinnamon rolls instead of a knife.


Use this simple trick, and I promise you, your cinnamon rolls will come out much rounder, and a lot prettier.

If you’re going to put a whole day’s work into a batch of cinnamon rolls, you want them to be pretty. 

Cause pretty things taste better. Or at least you feel better about your baking skills when you deliver a plate to your neighbors, or serve it to your Holiday Guests.

 For this batch of cinnamon rolls, I used my Grandma’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe. You can find it on my blog {here}

 And if you’re planning on giving these as neighbor gifts, you can download my FREE printable for Cinnamon Roll Gift Tags {here}. These tags would also be great with Orange Rolls or Dinner Rolls.

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