Jesus Lifted Others’ Burdens, and So Can You (#LIGHTtheWORLD Day of Service)

Every year at Christmas, I try to find ways to bring the spirit of Christ to Christmas. This year, my family is participating in a project called #LIGHTtheWORLD. This project is amazing, and I believe it is divinely inspired. Beginning December 1, there is something you can do every day to help bring the true spirit of Christmas, and the spirit of our Savior into your home for Christmas. 

The whole thing begins with a worldwide day of service on December 1 and lasts 25 days, ending with Christmas. My family and I will be participating in the day of service by joining our local community in a toy drive, collecting toys for needy children. My kids are working hard to earn money so they can buy a toy they think another child would like. Then they will donate that toy to our toy drive to help a child in need. This is a worthy cause, and I know there are opportunities like this, and many others wherever you are. If you need ideas of ways to serve, please visit to find opportunities for service in your own communities.


I want my kids to always follow the example set by Jesus Christ to lift others’ burdens and help those in need. I hope you will join us by finding ways to serve in your own homes and communities on December 1st. Then, will you please join with me in thinking of Christ and serving him for 25 days, until Christmas. You can follow this calendar to give you ideas of ways you can bring Christ into your home and family this Christmas.

25 days of christ 25 days of christ

And because I think the whole purpose behind this is to bring LOVE to you and your family, I’ve hand-lettered this printable you can hang in your home to remind you this Christmas season, and all year long, that God is Love. Oh, how the world would be a better place if we could each love our families, our neighbors, strangers, and those around us.  You can download this free printable here: [Download not found] or the green and red (christmas) version here: [Download not found]


God is Love



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  1. That is a great thing to do as a family, I hope more families get involved in the waiting season of Advent I hope that more families get the true meaning of Christmas once again.

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